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As a data-driven startup, we are constantly evaluating our performance against internal benchmarks and industry standards, but tend to stay away from overanalyzing outside our specific areas of influence.
We are very excited to announce that Fine European Wines will be a sponsor of the 2016 Summer Restaurant Week! We now have the opportunity to taste all of the wonderful wine that the European member state Bulgaria has to offer.
Since opening its doors in Alexandria, Virginia, Silver Rock Funding has funded nearly $10 million in capital for businesses and entrepreneurs. From beer gardens to barber shops, Silver Rock Funding has made getting cash for worthy businesses easy. 
Have you experienced an increasing number of chargebacks in the wake of last fall's liability shift? Now that the fraud liability shift has moved to merchants, many restaurant operators are seeing an increase in chargebacks in the restaurant space.
Access to stable employment is integral to human dignity and self-worth.
RESTAURANTS CONSUME FIVE TO SEVEN TIMES MORE ENERGY THAN OTHER BUSINESSES OCCUPYING SIMILAR SQUARE FOOTAGE. Restaurants waste more energy than a typical business—as much as $8 billion in energy every year. ThinkFoodGroup is taking steps to change that at Zaytinya.   
The Washington food scene’s decade of dramatic transformation has brought us 
Everyone knows barbecued meat is sublime. However, there are more flavors to discover in Argentina. Asado is a specialty in Argentina. It is nothing at all like the BBQs of other countries. But if you set foot in Argentina and only eat asado, you'll be missing out on the rest of the delicious things! Below, we list some of the essentials.
On May 18, 2016, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) published regulations that will modify certain provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
Horta Salata (Serves 4) For the Fava Santorini:    
The American Lamb Jam is an epic tasting event and competition bringing together talented chefs and lamb lovers in five markets across the country.  The DC Lamb Jam will be held on May 15.  Click here to get tickets and watch the fun on this video from past year’s DC Lamb Jam.