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2012 DC DOH Food Code

October 15, 2014

Are you in compliance with the DC Department of Health 2012 Food Code?

DC Department of Health is now enforcing the 2012 DC Food Code Regulations (click here for code). There are significant changes within the code and it is important you read the new code to make sure your restaurant is in full compliance. Full compliance with the 2012 Food Code is not only crucial to the success of your business, but also to the success of your DOH inspections. 

Helpful tips for successfully completing DOH inspections:

1.    Make sure you are in full compliance with the 2012 DC Food Code.

2.    Always have an owner, GM or restaurant representative accompany the DOH inspector for the entire inspection.

3.    Anything that can be corrected on-site should be corrected immediately.

4.    Independently document with photographs any complaints made against your restaurant during the inspection.

5.    If the inspection is going poorly due to disagreements with the inspector, and it seems like you will likely be closed, call a DOH supervisor before the inspection is complete. Once the inspection has been signed by the on-site inspector no changes can be made.

If we receive enough interest, we will host a second seminar with DOH about the current Food Code and major changes between past Food Code.