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Add-On Care Options, Flu Season Prepardeness, Promoting Equity In Underrepresented Communities & More from Kaiser Permanente

September 12, 2022
Business Strategy
Reminder! Health Views for Business - September 27th
Don't forget! The next session in the Health Views for Business series, Managing Cancer Care in the Workplace, takes place on September 27. Register here to find out how encouraging preventive cancer care can not only have an impact on employees, but also have a positive impact on businesses.
Employer Tools & Resources
Support Your Total Health With Our Add-On Care Options
Kaiser Permanente members have access to a broad range of care options. Take a look at our More Choice for More Care guide to learn about a variety of add-one resources that can help you make the most out of your health care.
In The Community
Promoting Equity In Underrepresented Communities
As a critical step towards supporting communities in overcoming systemic and structural disadvantages, Kaiser Permanente provides support to more than 2,000 businesses owned by black and other underrepresented people across the country. Kaiser Permanente not only helps small businesses sustain their operations, but also looks to the future by strengthening the economic infrastructure of our communities so that families can thrive. Learn more about our Community Health economic opportunity initiatives.
Kaiser Permanente In The News
Flu season: What expert wants parents to know as kids return to schools
Experts warn that this year’s flu season may be severe, and kids may be at risk as they return to school. Brandon Eilertson, MD, an infectious disease physician shared with WJLA viewers the importance of getting the flu shot and wearing masks to help prevent infection.
Repost: Worksite Flu Clinics Coming This Fall
The Kaiser Permanente 2022 Worksite Flu Clinics will be held from September 19 to December 16. Click here to understand the importance of flu prevention in the workplace and see valuable tips and resources you can share with your employees.
The restaurant business is rewarding but tough. Operators need a health care plan that works as hard as they do. That’s why RAMW has partnered with USI Insurance Services and Kaiser Permanente to develop a plan that is flexible, convenient, and affordable, to help operators with their bottom lines, and their employees with their access to the area’s top-quality care.
Find the plan that fits your restaurant business. And save.
For more than 20 years, RAMW and USI Insurance Services have worked together to develop health insurance options specifically for restaurants. As the region’s leading health system, Kaiser Permanente combines care with coverage in order to:
  • Deliver an excellent, care experience for our members
  • Guide members to utilize their health care more effectively, and
  • Produce better outcomes at a competitive cost
As a member of RAMW you and your employees receive:
  • 5% lower than regular rates if you switch to Kaiser Permanente
  • Access to educational resources, insurance advising, and premiere customer support.
Learn more here or contact our dedicated broker to assist you:
Holly Miller
SVP, Regional Non-Profit Practice Leader
USI Insurance Services 
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