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Best Kids Virtual Concert Viewing Party Opportunity

August 12, 2020

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Restaurant Partnership with BEST Kids
We’d love to work with YOU!
Our current times have caused so many of us to REMIX the way we're doing things just to survive and the restaurant industry has been one of the hardest hit industries in our community. So we're doing what we can to bring support to them through this benefit virtual concert event. We're collaborating with the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington and DMV Black Restaurant Week to bring together restaurants to help make this event not only a virtual concert, but an entire experience for our community to enjoy.
BEST Kids is a local nonprofit that provides one-on-one mentoring to youth in DMV area foster care. We, along with the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington and DMV Black Restaurant Week, would like to invite you to partner with us for our virtual concert entitled Art of the Matter: The Remix. We’d love for you to offer food and beverage packages to our watch party hosts on the day and night of our event on October 8th.
We have taken the opportunity below to describe what’s in it for you! We hope you’ll join us for this wonderful and life-changing cause during such a critical time for us all.

Benefits to The REMIX Partnership

Bring in More Business

There are two options of ways we’d like to help bring customers to your business…
  1. Individual watch party hosts will purchase food and beverage packages you offer for the event. Our team will work with you to schedule logistics for customer pick-up and to set up pricing for packages that ensure you are making adequate profit.
  2. COVID permitting, we’d like to offer our sponsors the opportunity to have small watch parties at restaurants based on CDC capacity limitations for your business. Essentially, we’d sell tickets to a watch party at your location while providing a menu and pricing of your choice while streaming the concert on the night of the event. All we ask is for is 10% of food & beverage sales during the watch party. You can choose to set aside a private room/area for this event or your entire space and track purchases accordingly.

Promotion & Visibility

Of course more visibility could mean more customers…
We’re working hard to put an incredible show together that highlights DC area talent. So far our concert lineup includes mainstream artists Raheem DeVaughn, Maya Milan, Future Band and many more to come!  Each artist will be promoting the event to include partners with their supporters in addition to BEST Kids Supporters. That includes over 400,000 people!
BEST Kids will promote you on all of our communications to include our website, e-mail lists, social media, and donors (nearly 6,000 people). We’ll even have a special page on our website dedicated to our restaurant partners where patrons can easily check out your menu for the night and pick your restaurant to support. We’ll be sending folks to this webpage to help drive sales for you.
We’ll make sure you are listed as a partner on our virtual program for the concert! We are also working to promote these strong restaurant partnerships on scheduled media communications with radio and television shows and hopefully other news outlets! We’ll make sure you are included in our partner impact report delivered to BEST Kids supporters within 60 days post virtual concert.
We can even air brief video commercials or picture ads during our live stream to make sure you are recognized. We have the ability to capture live feeds from your restaurant during the event to show the fun being had and showcasing your support.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Community Engagement

Support DC area youth in foster care….
BEST Kids provides one-on-one mentoring for youth in DC area foster care. We all know that having a caring and consistent adult can make a world of a difference in our lives, especially for youth who experience the trauma and transition of being in foster care. Learn more at
Aside from supporting a great cause…
Provide your team with the opportunity to experience the gratitude and appreciation of giving back and paying it forward. We all know that community engagement fosters a culture of empowerment, ownership, and trust.
By joining in on supporting the cause of empowering youth in foster care, you are providing our future leaders the opportunity to become the best that they can be.

Deadline to sign up is September 18th, 2020

Interested in partnering with us or want more information?
Contact Dan’Talisha Deans at 202-397-3272 ext. 103 or