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Big News From RAMW, Kathy Hollinger to Depart after 10 Years of Leadership

August 2, 2022

Dear Operator, 

You may have already heard the news that I am leaving RAMW, a decision that I gave immense thought in making. RAMW, and all of you, have been my family, community and my dedicated focus for 10 long and meaningful years. I will be here to support the next steps through the coming months, and I will continue to support you every step of the way as a new President and CEO is onboarded. I assure you that RAMW is stronger than ever and here for you. 

I am so proud of the work we have done through this decade, which included unprecedented growth and exciting development as well as inconceivable challenges that we navigated together. I worked closely with the RAMW team and our dedicated Board of Directors as we educated and guided members through a continuously evolving legislative and regulatory landscape. Over these many years, we evolved and expanded our programming and training, enhanced the internationally lauded RAMMY Awards to the event it is today, and ensured that the RAMW community, and our Board, represent the diversity and inclusivity of our larger restaurant industry. We grew our Education Foundation to ensure workforce development efforts are strong and funded, and we brought ProStart back to the District to help train the future hospitality professionals in our area. We fought for and alongside your operations on so many critical issues. We engaged elected officials on policy agendas to best position our industry, and RAMW will continue to do so, for and with you, everyday. 

The work of RAMW is by no means over. I may be moving to a new role, but member advocacy is an ongoing process and a task that RAMW has excelled at for 102 years and through many CEOs. RAMW has never been stronger in terms of our seat at the table with regional elected officials, agencies, or in the eyes of the larger business community. I look forward to watching the next chapter written for this incredible organization that I have been privileged to lead.   I say this often, you are all remarkable as individual leaders and as an industry.  

In terms of next steps, our Chair Gavin Coleman and members of the RAMW Executive Committee will begin a search committee to bring on a new President and CEO. I will continue at RAMW over the next few months during this process, and I look forward to the time we have together as this chapter comes to a close. 

In my upcoming position, I will lead as CEO of the Greater Washington Partnership, a regional organization advocating for our region’s future, the success of its businesses, and their ability to grow equitably and inclusively. While it will be hard to leave RAMW, please know that I will continue to be a voice for businesses in ways that impact this industry and many others. I’ve been so invested in your success and health of our region’s economy, and I will always advocate for this industry that I love dearly.   

Over the next few months, RAMW will continue to keep you informed about the process and progress of bringing someone onboard. As a longtime resident of the District, I will remain in the area and I look forward to seeing you, which I will, and to dining in your restaurants where I will always feel at home thanks to the warmth and hospitality you have shown me over these 10 years.  

Thank you all so much for your trust, your support, and your kindness. 

With Gratitude,