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Coronavirus Update: Consumer Messaging, Social Media, and More

March 11, 2020

A Note from the Desk of RAMW's President & CEO, Kathy E. Hollinger

Dear RAMW Members,

We are hearing from many of you who are requesting suggested communication and messaging to share with diners across social media platforms and through signage you can post in your restaurants and at the host stand. We encourage you to share your enhanced cleanliness and sanitation practices with your customers. RAMW is in the process of creating sample collateral now and we will send you materials soon. Please stay tuned. If you choose to create your own messaging, it is advised industry-wide that the messaging be rooted in three things:

1. Health and safety of your operation, employees and guests as a priority.
2. The enhanced cleaning protocol you have put in place, on top of the standards you are already regularly following. 
3. Emphasis on how you will continue to respond and adapt as protocol changes ensuring that your commitment is rooted in creating a safe and enjoyable dining experience. 
We want to underscore the importance of what you can do right now to demonstrate your places are safe and that you are meeting the recommended public health protocol. 
What You Should Be Doing Right Now
These are updated action items, several of which are as equally important for public health, as they are for ensuring customer trust in your establishment. 
1. Brief staff on appropriate protocol. This 2-Minute video on Coronavirus covers important tips, guidance and information, and can be shared with staff during pre-shift.


‚Äč*Please contact RAMW if you need help connecting with vendors who can provide sanitation and disinfectant products.

2. Ensure that staff disinfect and wipe down each table between turns with a new, clean cloth. Regularly sanitize frequently touched surfaces (tables, counters, handles, chairs etc).
2. Provide hand sanitizer for guests at the host stand.
3. Wash hands regularly for a minimum of 20-seconds. 
4. Exclude sick staff from work during their illness. 
6. Make sure management and staff both have a good understanding of your leave policies.
7. Share your enhanced sanitation protocol with your guests on your website, social media and in the restaurant.*
*materials forthcoming
Survey on Impact
As mentioned yesterday, we put together a survey to better measure economic impact as we are in real-time discussions on the local and national level about the creation of a relief fund or other mechanisms of support that can be provided to help preserve the financial health of our local industry. While the threat of COVID-19 still remains low in our region, we want to gauge initial and expected impact. Please click here to take this 4-minute survey on the impact of COVID-19 on your business.

This is an evolving situation and we will continue to keep you updated on a regular basis with helpful industry specific news. Click here to sign up to receive text message updates from RAMW.


Kathy Hollinger | President and CEO
Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington
Real Time Update
DC Health Advisory: DC Health recommends that non-essential mass gatherings (1,000+ people), including conferences, and conventions, be postponed or cancelled.

Webinar and Additional Resources
Missed National Restaurant Association's webinar covering ServSafe-focused information on handling coronavirus? Watch the on-demand video recording on your own time.

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