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DC Updates

April 3, 2020
Mayor Bowser held a press conference this morning reiterating that everyone has a role to play in flattening the curve and commended the people working in essential roles who support the well being of DC and our region. This includes our incredible restaurant and foodservice industry.
The DC Council is introducing additional Emergency Legislation during Tuesday’s session. We are working with the Council to ensure shortfalls from the initial legislation are addressed and that our industry’s needs are adequately supported. The Mayor did note that the overall relief that is required cannot only be addressed on a local level, but also requires federal support. We expect the legislation will address additional considerations for Unemployment benefits and as well as support for undocumented workers. Outlined below are additional provisions that will likely be included. Please stay tuned for more information on this front. 
Small Retailer Tax Credit
If you have less than $2.5 million in sales and you own your property, the amount you may take as a credit against franchise taxes is increased to the greater of real estate taxes paid and $10,000 (currently it is $5,000). Although you currently only get credit against what is owed, the proposed legislation contemplates that you would get a refund provided you can show financial distress.
Mortgage relief available for Commercial Landlords     
  • Mortgages are to develop programs which  (1) Grants at least a 90-day deferment of mortgage payments for borrowers; (2) Permanently waives any late fee, processing fee, or any other fees accrued during the public health emergency; and (3) Does not report to a credit bureau any delinquency or other derogatory information that occurs as a result of the deferral.         
  • A landlord receiving a mortgage deferral on a property that has a commercial tenant shall reduce the rent charged for the property to any tenant during the period of time in which there is mortgage deferral in place in an amount proportional to the reduced mortgage amount paid by the lender to the mortgage servicer.   
Cable service cannot be disconnected during a public health emergency.
ANC Protest Period for ABC Licenses
The 45 calendar day protest period for ANCs to protest an ABC license changed to “at least 45 calendar days, excluding days during a public health emergency declared by the Mayor"