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Foods from Chile, Source of Life

October 15, 2014

Extending for over 2,500 miles along Latin America’s southwestern coast, Chile is protected by natural barriers of mountains, glaciers, dessert and sea, creating a pristine environment for plants and wildlife to flourish.

From deserts in the North to rain forests and snow-capped volcanoes in the South, Chile’s vast and varied geography is extraordinarily bio diverse: In the northern deserts, inland oases support lush crops of citrus fruits, grapes, walnuts, and much more. In the Chilean heartland, an abundance of avocados, apples, grapes, and other fruits grow from the nutrient-rich soil of the Mediterranean forest – one of only five such ecosystems on the planet. In the South, pure Antarctic waters are home to salmon, trout, and other marine life.

People from the Chilean food industry bring their experience and cultivation heritage to an unwavering dedication to quality, their focus is on responsibly deploying the most modern agriculture and aquaculture methods and infrastructure to bring consumers the full nutritional benefits and superior taste of foods from Chile.

Three things you should know about Chilean food:


Chilean infrastructure allows for maximally efficient transport from farm to table; many of the Chilean products you see on retail were harvested less than 10 days ago. Chile’s seasons run counter to the U.S., providing a rich resource of fresh summer fruits and veggies during wintertime in the U.S.

Good for You

Chile’s natural resources, pure environment, and diversity of climates provide ideal conditions for a wide variety of nutritious and tasty foods. We’re proud to showcase products from Chile that are exported to the U.S. and contribute to a healthy Mediterranean diet.

Ranked 1st Place in Latin America for food security, Chile has instituted a Good Agricultural Practices program in compliance with GlobalGAP standards of food safety and sustainability.

Good for the Planet

Chile places great emphasis on sustainability. The Chilean foods available in the U.S. market were delivered using state-of-the-art packaging techniques and environmentally-friendly shipping methods.

Fresh, healthy and environmentally-friendly… these are just a few of many reasons to fall in love with Foods from Chile.