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Friday, March 20: What We Know Now and FAQs

March 20, 2020
We know that everyone is anxiously awaiting guidelines and timelines on local relief and grants across the region. We want to share important updates on what we know NOW and what has been discussed in regard to potential timing of local relief efforts as we head into the weekend. 
To start I want to remind everyone that you can apply for SBA loans today in DC, MD, and VA. 
In DC, we were informed that guidelines on grant applications for local relief will likely be posted by the Mayor this evening. 
  • The application process will start as early as Monday or Tuesday with easy-access and immediate funding, however it is  unclear how much will be available at this time. 
  • Mayor Bowser will host a press conference at 3:00pm today which will address Unemployment Insurance, SBA Disaster Loans, and other local business relief status and efforts. We recommend tuning in real time to channel 13 or watch a livestream on the @MayorBowser twitter feed. 
In VA, with the General Assembly out of session, the Governor has some discretionary authority to make changes to state spending, and can make amendments to the budget at the reconvene session, or separate stand alone legislation. 
  • Today, VA ABC granted on premises licensees who have a wine and beer on or off premises license designation through 4.1-209 to deliver wine and beer pursuant to an electronic order by a customer to that customer seated in a vehicle that is parked in a designated parking area of the retailer’s premise. Or if a licensee holds a delivery permit, they may deliver to other such locations. This directive also authorizes delivery of such products without the necessity of the licensee to obtain a delivery permit from the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority. 
  • VA Sales & Use Tax payments are due today. Under § 58.1-617 the Tax Commissioner may for good cause grant a business an extension for up to thirty days. You must apply for the extension you are able to request an extension by using the Virginia Online Services site.
Frequently Asked Questions
We are getting flooded with great questions regarding UI, relief, local and national efforts and everything in between. Please visit our FAQ post on our blog for answers to your questions. 
If you don’t find an answer to your question, please let us know and specific to UI email
This is a rapidly evolving situation and our blog is the best place to get information. You can also text the message RAMW to the number 52886 to get real time text updates.  Again, I strongly urge you do to this to get the latest information in a timely and succinct manner. 
Furlough vs. Termination for UI eligibility:  One question many DC specific operators are asking is: “Will furloughed employees qualify for UI benefits?” 
The answer is: yes, the person should be furloughed without pay and when applying for UI they should say, “laid off due to lack of work.” Click here to visit the RAMW blog for more information. 
National Relief Efforts
The National Restaurant Association is working hard to make sure our industry gets the relief necessary to recover from this crisis. We need you to reach out to Congress and tell your story! Text the message RECOVERY to the number 52886 to get involved today. If you have a MD or VA address, we encourage you to use that instead of your DC address. 
On Immediate Federal Relief: Speedy progress is being made at the national level in regard to our specific industry. There are serious conversations that are rooted in assistance for our industry across the country. One of the opportunities for relief being discussed is creating a federal loan program for a business to get a loan equal to lost revenue. The loan would receive forgiveness as long as the employer keeps its workers on the payroll without reducing their pay. This legislation also keeps more Americans in the workforce rather than on public assistance.  
More to come on all, always. 
Please continue to visit our website for regular updates as that is a central place for all to get more details on all items.