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How to Identify Signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder, Help Getting Through Dry January and More from Kaiser Permanente

January 12, 2023
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Here's how to identify signs of seasonal affective disorder
Shorter days this time of year may cause the winter blues or seasonal affective disorder in some. Andrew Davis, MD, a psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente, discusses its symptoms, including oversleeping, lower energy, mood changes, and feeling more depressed. 
How Skin Care For Men Is Changing
Over the last 20 years, skin care has become more mainstream for men. Tola Oyesanya, MD, a dermatologist, joined WTOP to share some simple products men can use on their skin that require fewer steps.
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Need Help Getting Through ‘Dry January’?
Some people have decided to stay sober for Dry January after the excesses of December. Jason Singh, MD, an internal medicine doctor at Kaiser Permanente, offered advice to WJLA viewers to involve family as a support system to help stick with the alcohol-free month. He suggested that making smoothies together is a healthy alternative everyone can enjoy.
Advice for dealing with a children's medicine shortage
As respiratory illnesses in our region are rising, children’s medications are out of stock in stores and online. Christina Brown, MD, a pediatrician at Kaiser Permanente, joined WUSA9 to advise parents to use different medications that are in stock. She also reminded viewers to wash their hands and stay home when sick.
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Virginia doctor urges HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer
More than 14,000 US women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year. Dr. Amy Banulis, an OB-GYN at Kaiser Permanente, joined WJLA for Cervical Cancer Awareness month to stress the importance of getting the HPV vaccine to help protect against the virus that can cause cervical cancer.
Using screen time to calm youngsters may influence child development
While many parents use electronic devices to help calm their young children, recent studies show that this practice can negatively affect preschoolers’ executive functioning and emotional reactivity. Asha Patton-Smith, MD, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente, speaks about the importance of letting kids work through their emotions as part of healthy childhood development.
The restaurant business is rewarding but tough. Operators need a health care plan that works as hard as they do. That’s why RAMW has partnered with USI Insurance Services and Kaiser Permanente to develop a plan that is flexible, convenient, and affordable, to help operators with their bottom lines, and their employees with their access to the area’s top-quality care. Find the plan that fits your restaurant business. And save.
For more than 20 years, RAMW and USI Insurance Services have worked together to develop health insurance options specifically for restaurants. As the region’s leading health system, Kaiser Permanente combines care with coverage in order to:
  • Deliver an excellent, care experience for our members
  • Guide members to utilize their health care more effectively, and
  • Produce better outcomes at a competitive cost
As a member of RAMW you and your employees receive:
  • 5% lower than regular rates if you switch to Kaiser Permanente
  • Access to educational resources, insurance advising, and premiere customer support.
Learn more here or contact our dedicated broker to assist you:
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