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National Food Safety Month Enters Week Two

September 9, 2019

Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association

This week we’re sharing information on encouraging employees to provide input if improvements to a Food Safety Management System are needed.

As National Food Safety Month continues, the National Restaurant Association is offering free, downloadable tools and information to help restaurateurs reinforce the importance of food safety with their team members.

Each year, the Association provides this information in its effort to educate the industry in food safety best practices. This year’s theme is “Controlling Risk: The Elements of a Food Safety Management System.” The goal is to make sure restaurants serve up safe, great dining experiences to guests.

During week 1, we focused on how to Understand the Process associated with a Food Safety Management System, offering downloadable activity sheets, posters and infographics in English and Spanish.

For week 2, we’re sharing information on how to encourage employees to Provide Input to managers when they recognize where improvements to a Food Safety Management System are necessary. That can mean better, more accurate food-safety operating procedures at your restaurant.

As each part of a Food Safety Management System rolls out, we recommend that managers pass along this information to their restaurant’s employees:

  1. Food safety goals: Specify precisely what you aim to achieve in terms of food safety.
  2. Specify who is in charge of what: Identify the people in charge of each food-safety-related activity in your restaurant and make sure they know when the action should happen.
  3. Standard Operating Procedure analysis: Define each step of the food-safety process and let each person know what exactly you expect of him or her.
  4. Suggest changes: Evaluate each job task and suggest specific actions that could make the process more effective.

During the last two weeks of National Food Safety Month, we will share tools on how to Refine the Process and Maintain Your Commitment.

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