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Open Table Restaurant Resources

October 8, 2020
Over the past several months, OpenTable has worked to create content that can help restaurateurs navigate this challenging period. They are sharing their data, performing regular consumer research, and working directly with industry partners to gather insights and advice. OpenTable has compiled some of their most beneficial pieces, including their latest diner survey data, their industry webinar series, zero-budget marketing tips, and more, in one place for easy access. 

Diner insights: How people feel about eating out again
In OpenTable’s new July 2020 survey report, get insights from over 3,300 diners across the U.S. and Canada with metro-level stats, see OpenTable data, and receive practical tips for your restaurant. > In our July 2020 diner report, discover insights from over 3,300 diners across the U.S. and Canada with metro-level stats, see OpenTable data, and get practical tips for your restaurant.

How to market without spending an extra penny
During the pandemic, restaurant operators often ask us what marketing they can do without eating up revenue. In our new zero-budget marketing checklist, discover 30 practical ways you can market your restaurant without any budget at all.
Webinar series on the state of the industry
In it Together is a bi-monthly webinar series discussing the state of the industry with restaurant leaders. Here, see our discussion with James Beard award-winning chef, TV host, and social justice advocate Andrew Zimmern along with restaurateur, James Beard Foundation Trustee, and women’s advocate Rohini Dey, PhD.  Then, click through to watch all of our on-demand episodes at the link below.
Take the pulse of your local dining scene
Tap into the data generated by millions of OpenTable diners to be in the know with what’s going on in your city. Our State of the Industry data allows you to see the percentage of restaurants reopening in your city and week-over-week reservation data from restaurants on our platform.
How to run a restaurant in the face of uncertainty
The hospitality industry is being hit hard. With small margins, any sustained drop in covers has a big impact. Nearly every restaurant is feeling the impact and preparing for likely shifts to come. No matter what scenario you’re in, OpenTable is here to offer steps you can take based on what we’re seeing in the industry at large.