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Questions & Glitches - DC Small Business Microgrant Application

March 24, 2020

DC Operators,

The process to apply for DC Small Business Microgrants went live at 2pm today.

Many of you, we understand, are trying to apply today and have questions or are experiencing glitches and need clarification. We are aware and hearing from hundreds of you. There are glitches any time a new program is launched and we are here with you to get answers and clarity.

To streamline this effort and to best help all of you, we are gathering all concerns, questions, and glitches in one place and will send all of your concerns and issues to the Deputy Mayor's Office (DMPED) this afternoon so that they can address all in their entirely. We are speaking with them hourly and they will update the application and/or tools to reflect any needed changes.

At this time, you can continue the process of going through the application, or you can pause where you are and wait for further clarity.  DMPED indicated that either approach is fine to take at this time as the deadline is not until 3/31.

We will look to resolve this quickly.

Please email your specific questions and/or glitches you are experiencing to