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Quick Virginia Update on Coronavirus

March 14, 2020
Dear VA Members,

We are in a rapidly evolving situation and would like to provide you with quick updates as they become available. As you may know, DC limited public gatherings to groups of 250 or less as of yesterday. While counties in Northern Virginia have not provided caps on gathering sizes, Governor Northam declared a state of emergency in the Commonwealth and ordered all schools in the state to close for a two-week minimum period. The declaration also halted travel outside of VA for state employees and they are quickly implementing telework. Read the Governor's declaration here.

There is not currently information on what the Commonwealth's relief efforts will be, but Northam said his administration is staying apprised of economic impacts on business and localities related to the outbreak. RAMW is working with our national partners on a federal level to better understand access to SBA Block Grants and zero-interest loans once the disaster relief package is fully rolled out. As of this morning, Arlington County voted to declare a state of emergency in the county to more easily obtain state and federal funds, acquire needed goods and services, and hire staff as needed.

The Virginia Department of Health has helpful resources for businesses and the community on Coronavirus. We recommend regularly visiting this site.

Virginia Department of Health Resources

Virginia Department of Health COVID-19 Restaurant Poster

Virginia Information for Food Establishments

Virginia Considerations for Canceling or Modifying Events

Interim Guidance: Considerations for Businesses and Employers

Arlington County has provided guidance for meetings and public gatherings. Click here for more information.

We understand the stress of this current situation, and are here to support you as we weather this storm together. We will keep you posted as everything develops, so please stay tuned for updates.