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Relief: Montgomery County 4/15

April 27, 2020
The Montgomery County Public Health Emergency Grant will open today (Wed. 4/15) in the mid-afternoon, according to County Executives.  Interested applicants can sign up here now to receive an email when the application does go live.  Under the PHEG program, businesses with 100 employees or less that are suffering economic impacts from Covid-19 are eligible to receive grants of up to $75,000 per business. According to the county’s analysis, about 50,000 businesses may be eligible for the grants and those who have lost half or more of their net revenue since March will be given priority.  
Additionally, the County Council met today and proposed an additional $5M to add to the $20M previously approved to seed the fund.  The Council is scheduled to approve the additional $5 million appropriation on April 21 and it is targeted specifically to provide relief for restaurants and retail. Click here for more information and to review criteria and materials required to apply. 
County lawmakers also introduced a measure today to freeze rent increases for residential tenants, small businesses and nonprofits for up to 30 days after MD releases the stay-at-home mandates.  
As always, more to come in the form of real-time updates as we get them.