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Save Energy and Money with Washington Gas

July 6, 2016

Whether you want to reduce operating costs, increase the reliability of your energy supply, upgrade inefficient systems, increase your revenue potential  or improve the ambience of your restaurant —Washington Gas is here to help. Our team will help you determine what investments will save the most energy and money. We’ll survey your structure or planned project, assess your energy needs and recommend natural gas solutions that will give you optimal performance at absolutely no cost to you. Our team also has the experience and technical expertise to walk you through each stage of the process.

Operating Cost Savings

Natural gas is affordable and less expensive than electricity, and it’s projected to remain that way for several decades.

Reliable Service

With natural gas backup generator systems, your restaurant will benefit from having reliable energy. Since natural gas stays on during power outages, a natural gas backup generator will ensure your restaurant has continuous power and you’ll be able to maintain operations during bad storms.


Washington Gas offers a wide range of food service, space heating and water heating rebates for our customers to help reduce the first cost of high-efficient natural gas equipment.

Vast Selection of Equipment Solutions

Have you thought about using natural gas equipment for more than just cooking?   For example, natural gas outdoor patio heaters can potentially increase revenue by expanding your restaurants square footage and keeping your customers comfortable for more days throughout the year.  Additionally, natural gas fireplaces can be turned on with just a switch and comes with many options; making the addition feasible to improve the ambiance of any establishment - including yours.  Visit to  ask a Washington Gas Commercial Account Manager about the equipment options that would be the best investment for your restaurant today.
Free Consultation

Washington Gas Commercial Account Managers are available to help restaurant owners determine where their investments might save the most energy and money. Visit to schedule an appointment to receive personalized recommendations on natural gas solutions that could potentially reduce your operating costs and improve your bottom line.  Our energy consultation service and education is absolutely free

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