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SBA, EIDL and CARES Act Clarifications

March 31, 2020
Dear Operator, 
As we close out another busy day, we want to address some questions we have received from all of you and share helpful new guidance on the Federal relief front. 
Applying for loans through SBA
We have received NEW GUIDANCE today from the Small Business Administration that you ARE able to apply for both a PPP loan and an EIDL, however they cannot be used for the same purpose.  For example, you cannot use an EIDL loan to cover payroll during the same time period your PPP loan covers payroll. The different loan applications should identify different uses for the loan in order to increase chances of being granted multiple loans. 
If you already applied for an SBA loan through DC, VA, or MD, many of you may have received an email last night informing you that, because the CARES Act was passed, you need to apply again to be able to receive the one-time $10,000 advance that was included in the Act. 
This Advance may be available even if your previous EIDL application was declined or is still pending, and will be forgiven.  SBA notified applicants that If you wish to apply for the $10,000 Advance on your EIDL, you must submit a new application by visiting
The SBA has issued a helpful “User’s Guide” to applying for CARES Act loans. Click here to view. The National Restaurant Association has also created a new FAQ document on the CARES Act. Click here to review.
License Renewals and Filings 
License Renewals in DC - We have received many questions regarding how the city will handle license renewals that need to be made during this public health emergency. We received guidance from DCRA that any business licenses, professional/occupational licenses, vending licenses, etc. that expire during the declared emergency will be considered valid, and people will have until 45 days after the declared emergency is over to renew their licenses. You are encouraged to handle all DCRA online. 
DCRA also advises that for Corporate Filings, customers filing 2020 biennial reports between April 2nd and June 1st will not incur the late filing fee. The same is true for trade name renewals.
We received guidance for DC DOH that currently DOH is not issuing Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) certificates, therefore they will not take any negative action for those not in possession of a newly expired CFPM.  When operations are normal again DOH will give facilities 30 days to obtain their CFPM. At this time, they are also only conducting complaint and/or emergency inspections. 
Increasing Safety Protocols - Visual Resources to share with on-premise employees.  
Many of you have asked for visual resources to post on site as part of your heightened protocol.  While we are working to get links for visual only posters, we have gathered guidance from local agencies and our national ServSafe partners that can be shared with your team or posted in your establishments. Click here for more information. 
Although it all feels overwhelming and daunting at times, we will get through this.  We will continue to share all of what we know in order to best position you to navigate the day-to-day of these very uncertain times.  Continue to reach out with questions and concerns so that we can then get the needed clarity to pass along to the larger group.  
Stay Safe.  Be Kind.  
Kathy Hollinger | President and CEO
Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington
1625 K Street NW, Suite 210 | Washington, DC 20006