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A Small Business Owner’s FAQ Guide to Offering Health Benefits

August 10, 2021
To a small business owner, navigating the must-have’s and the nice-to-have’s of health benefits can seem daunting. Are you required to offer health care to your staff? How much will that cost you? Do the benefits of employee-sponsored health coverage outweigh the costs?
While the circumstances and specific requirements may differ from business to business, at Kaiser Permanente we know that health coverage isn’t just a benefit to the employee, but also to the business owner. Because healthier employees lead to a healthier bottom line.
In a recent article in partnership with The Washington Business Journal, we explored some basic questions that you might be asking about health coverage requirements. Take a look and find out:
  • Which businesses are required to offer health benefits to their employees, and which aren’t.
  • How much small businesses are required to contribute to the cost of an employee’s health plan.
  • How to determine if you qualify for the Small Business Health Tax credit.
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