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Updates Heading into a Busy Weekend

June 5, 2020

As you may have likely seen, Mayor Bowser took bold steps today and commissioned a mural on 16th Street that says “Black Lives Matter” and named the promenade in front of the White House at 16th and H St, “Black Lives Matter Plaza”. Mayor Bowser acknowledged our responsibility as the nation’s capital to send a very clear message to our country that is rooted in the humanity of local DC and needed humanity as black lives matter. We stand behind meaningful steps that are taken to end systemic racism and social injustice in this country and in our city. 

This weekend in DC, Saturday is supposed to be the largest demonstration over the past week. Some events will be static, while others will include marches, and while the exact routes are still to be determined, road closures are in place starting at approximately 6am on Saturday until midnight from the Capitol Complex through Downtown and past the White House. Click here for a full list of street closures that could be subject to change depending on tomorrow’s activities. 

The Mayor has not issued a curfew for this evening, and if one is issued for tomorrow we will share that information as soon as it is available. This is a city of protests and people should be prepared and aware as you normally would be. We understand the difficulty in managing crowds in accordance with social distancing rules laid out in the Stage One Reopen Guidance, yet still encourage you to remain open this weekend, if you so choose.  

This will be a very busy weekend in DC with larger crowds than we have been used to since the pandemic has stricken the city. If you are at work or out and about this weekend, we encourage you to wear masks and to continue to practice good hand hygiene with frequent hand washing when possible, and frequent use of hand sanitizer.

If you are interested in boarding up your windows and need assistance, you can contact DCRA directly at In the subject line, please identify “Supply or Contractor Assistance” or “Damage Report” to ensure a prompt response. If you need assistance after normal business hours call 311. If you would like to report property that has been damaged contact 311. 

Stage Two in DC: In today’s press conference, Mayor Bowser and Department of Health Director, Dr. Nesbitt stated that the earliest we could move into Stage Two would be June 19th and it is dependent on meeting six required metrics. Stage Two will likely be in line with what the ReOpen DC Committee recommended, which allows for indoor dining at 50% capacity. Click here for the full document. 

Registering for Outdoor Space in DC: I also want to address a few questions I have received about registering for outdoor space. You must complete Phase One Registration using this link for both public and private space use. For additional seating of private space, one need only show an agreement to use the space and complete Phase One Registration. For additional seating on public space, within 5 days you must submit the Temporary Sidewalk Table Service permit to DDOT by clicking here. You can start operations unless DDOT tells you otherwise--permit is not required to begin operations, but you must submit Phase One Registration first. 

To close with a bit of good news the President signed the Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act into law. June 30th is the final day for those who have not previously (you cannot get two) received a PPP loan to be issued one. Click here for a recap of what is included in the legislation. 

And if you need assistance or have an emergency this weekend, please reach out to us at and we will do our best to accommodate and assist you.  

Be safe. Be kind.