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USI Webinar COVID-19: Impact on the Hospitality and Retail Industry

April 20, 2020

With so much COVID-19 related information available, it can be hard to find specific guidance as it relates to insurance for the hospitality and retail business. USI has put together a webinar, COVID-19: Impact on the Hospitality and Retail Industry, to address this.  It provides critical and timely insight including actions that can be taken today to minimize the impact of the pandemic on an organization and their employees.

This 30-minute on-demand webinar covers important information including:

  • Issues created by COVID-19 that could affect the hospitality, retail or related business
  • Solutions to help manage these issues
  • CARES Act and what it means for a business and their employees
  • Insurance market update and impact on your business
  • Managing the renewal strategy
  • USI client resources (STEER)

Click here to watch this webinar on demand.