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Website Accessibility and ADA: Why It Matters and What You Need to Know

Website Accessibility
October 4, 2023
Website, social media, QR codes, apps, and more: The modern restaurant is a digital experience now more than ever.
But did you know all of these platforms must remain accessible to all guests or violate the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? Unfortunately, non-compliance puts restaurant operators at risk for serious legal consequences, including lawsuits.
Not only is digital ADA compliance required, but like stopping at a stop sign or buckling your seatbelt, it’s also the right and responsible thing to do.
Learn more about website accessibility and ADA by joining this webinar by Results One, a District woman- and minority-owned small business specializing in compliance, diversity and inclusion, disability inclusion, and digital accessibility testing and training.
This one-hour webinar covers:
+ Why accessibility matters.
+ Types of disabilities and the related challenges (visual, auditory, motor, cognitive, seizure).
+ The assistive technologies and methods used by people with disabilities to access the web.
+ Accessibility laws.
+ Accessibility myths and misconceptions.