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Welcome Week for Military September 25-October 3, 2021

August 20, 2021

RAMW is supporting Blue Star Welcome Week by Blue Star Families, a national non-profit organization assisting military families around the globe, is engaging in an opportunity for communities across the country to welcome our military families who transition every year during this week to new posts and communities. They wish to remind all Americans what we owe to our military families, their service members, and veterans. It is an opportunity for military families and transitioning families to make meaningful connections to their communities and what better way to start, but at their neighborhood restaurant.

Restaurants across the DMV are invited to voluntarily show their support for our Military and Veterans by printing the customizable sign [link below] and putting it in your window during Blue Star Welcome Week from September 25th to October 3rd, 2021! It suggests each restaurant offer a 10% discount during that week to all military and veterans in your area. It is left to your discretion how you wish to identify those military families. 

Blue Star Welcome Week Downloadable Sign to place in your window. 

Blue Star Welcome Week is an emerging annual event, piloted and designed to welcome our military-connected families to their new communities. We believe Blue Star Welcome Week has the potential to become a major annual event in the U.S. similar to Earth Day. What’s more it has the potential to seriously improve the lives of military and transitioning families.

With more than 150,000 members in our network, including in chapters and communities all over the world, Blue Star Families, a non-profit organization, touches more than 1.5 million military family members every year. Through our research and program partnerships, Blue Star Families ensures that wherever American military families go, they can always feel connected, supported, and empowered to thrive – in every community, across the nation, and around the globe.