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It’s been 30 days since the region was upended and everyone had to consider what their temporary new
Gelberg Signs would like to support Essential businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic. They are providing the selected signs shown here for free for any Essential business. To order please call, 202-882-7733 or 240-372-7148.
I hope you got outside to see some sunshine this week and that you are practicing self-care and stress management when you can during this time.  As an Essential industry, you are rising above every day and it is noticeable how hard you as operators are working to ensure safety for your employees, vendors, and takeout and delivery patrons by going above and beyond to establish strict protocol and safety standards.
ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan today announced that the state is instituting a budget and hiring freeze amid estimates that Maryland is facing a projected $2.8 billion shortfall due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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As you head into your Friday, we wanted to remind you of two calls happening in the region today that you can join to get updates from regional leaders in Fairfax County and DC.   Fairfax County Operator Call
Each and every day, RAMW is working on additional financial measures to help the industry, your operations, and your employees.  
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association As the coronavirus health crisis continues, the restaurant industry remains focused on ensuring the safety of its customers and employees.
We know the beautiful weather outside is just a tease as we all wish for crowded restaurants and Nationals opening week to be in play. But here we are, making the best of each day in this current situation. We are inspired everyday by all of you, who continue to keep making the best of each day, and the entire region knows and sees the incredible efforts you are making happen as an industry.
As each of you strive to get through yet another day full of twists, turns and unknowns, we wanted to remind you that we are here to support you and your employees along the way. While your decisions and business models were forced to temporarily change, your compassion, talent, creativity and resilience are steadfast and apparent.  Yes, each day feels like a week, but we will figure this out as we work our way to the other side. 
Today at 10:30am we are hosting a webinar with DC’s Department of Employment Services (DOES) focused on Unemployment Insurance for restaurants.
Hope you had a productive Tuesday with some moments of positivity. We are glad to be sharing positive news this afternoon as we have an employee relief opportunity to activate your restaurant as a community kitchen to support your industry while modestly supporting you as an operator and the food economy.  
The DC Council introduced additional Emergency Legislation intended to address shortfalls from the initial Emergency Legislation, however there are still issues that are not addressed in this second bill, and we will continue to work with the Council to make sure our industry’s needs are met.
This week we have three industry briefings and Q&A calls to give you insight in different areas of relief and offer guidance and resources. Please see detaisl below and plan to join those of interest and assistance to you.