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Business Toolkit

Basics About the District of Columbia

By locating your business in the District of Columbia, you can take advantage of comprehensive resources and a robust economic climate where businesses start and thrive.  Learn about the City’s economic trends, vibrant markets and development plans.

Facts and Stats




Connect to Free Services, Networks & DC Government Agencies

Tap into the vast network of counselors, mentors, service providers and business owners available to help establish, build and expand DC businesses.


Business Counseling


Find a Business Mentor 


Network with Businesses

These events are independent of the DC Government. Some may have a fee.


Contact DC Agencies & Receive eUpdates




Navigate government requirements & forms

Easily access key requirements and guidance needed to open and operate a business in compliance with regulations. 

Corporate Entity


Other Regulatory Compliance Areas



Commercial space


Insurance & Bonding

Sustainable Business

Emergency Preparedness

Transition & Exit


Grow with incentives & personalized counseling

Utilize counseling, capital, and contracting opportunities that help small businesses expand and compete successfully. 

General Business Counseling


Certified Business Enterprise (CBE)


Marketing and Promotion

Access to Capital & Incentives

Commercial Space Improvement and Expansion