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DC Anti-Sexual Harassment Training

The Tipped Wage Workers Fairness Amendment Act (TWWF) requires District employers who hire individuals earning tips as wages to inform their employees about their rights and benefits. Some of the laws providing these rights are enforced by the DC Office of Human Rights (OHR) and others are enforced by the Department of Employment Services (DOES). This Act was part of the repeal of Initiative 77. One requirement of the Act is that businesses that employ at least one tipped wage worker must receive anti-sexual harassment training by an OHR-certified trainer every two years. 
The implementation of Initiative 82 does not affect this required law in place. The deadline to complete training for current employees was August 31, 2023. Our understanding from OHR, is that staff who still need to be trained should register for a future class so that you have taken that step toward completion by the compliance report submission deadline of October 13. We do not have updates at this time about enforcement or penalties, but if you have questions, please contact Angela Gonzalez at OHR at 
Note: The ServSafe Sexual Harassment Prevention for Restaurants training is not currently certified by DC OHR as meeting the requirements for TWWF training.
RAMW offers both in-person and virtual sessions with a certified OHR trainer for $35 per person; Spanish language sessions are offered at $45 per session. Our in-person sessions are open to employees, managers, owners, and operators; virtual sessions are available to employees and owners/operators only per the requirements from DC OHR.
A new option for non-managerial employees and owner/operators is to take the training via a pre-recorded video provided by an OHR-certified trainer. RAMW does not offer this option at this time, however, there are several options available. Click here to visit the DC OHR site for their current list of certified trainers.

Space is limited; in-person sessions require registration by clicking the link associated with the session date below.

No sessions are scheduled at this time.