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Fair Kitchens -- World Mental Health Day Webinar

October 7, 2019 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Ways to Support You & Your Staff This Season presented by Fair Kitchens


60% of chefs feel their work has negatively impacted their mental health.  That’s why #FairKitchens is leading an important discussion to support teams. We’ll answer: How can I start the conversation on a healthier kitchen culture? How can I support other’s mental health while looking out for my own? What are ways I can boost morale during a stressful holiday season? Learn about these topics and how to make your voice part of the solution towards better kitchen culture.


  Einav Gefen
  Corporate Executive Chef
  Unilever Food Solutions

Einav Gefen career as a chef began 20 years ago in Israel, when she worked as a pastry chef at Orna & Ella and as a sous chef at Mul-Yam, Gault et Millau, the top restaurant in Tel Aviv and one of Les Grandes Tables du Monde’s world's 114 best restaurants. A graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), Einav interned at Daniel and was the executive chef of Danal in the East Village. In 2001, she founded and became the director of the culinary arts program at the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan. Between 2003 and 2008 she was a chef-instructor at ICE in the professional division, before joining Unilever as the corporate head chef for North America. In that role, Einav led a team of chefs in charge of innovation development, product rejuvenation, activation with costumers and consumers, and deployment of global projects. She was a speaker at TED@Unilever and competed on the Food Network show, Chopped.

  Chef Neil Doherty
  Sr. Director, 
Corporate Executive Chef,

Some may say Chef Neil Doherty’s extensive culinary experience is as colorful as a farmer’s market ~ from working in Ireland, New York City, Massachusetts and Houston. At the ripe age of 14, in Ballina, Ireland, Chef Neil started his lifelong journey into a far tastier profession than most. After attending culinary school in Galway, he had a degree in hand and a passion for food in heart; Chef Neil chopped, sautéed, and filleted his way through Ireland’s culinary world advancing from Commis Chef to Sous Chef to Executive Chef. Soon his taste buds were ready to make the voyage to America, landing in New York City. After cooking his way across the country as executive chef in hotels, restaurants and start up kitchens, he ultimately landed the position of Corporate Chef for Sysco Corporation in Houston. At Sysco, Chef Neil has consulted with and influenced restaurant brands big and small, locally and internationally, including Irish & British pubs and numerous Latin concepts. To stay current on trends, techniques and flavors, Chef Neil works with chefs from around the globe. He believes in constant continued education to perfect his craft and expand his knowledge base.

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Download the #FairKitchens Mental Health Guide!
Dr. Errol Rodriguez advises how to identify and support mental health in your team.

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