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The Fourth Estate Restaurant's "Discovering Tunisian Cuisine" Dinner at The National Press Club

January 29, 2020 - 6:30pm to 9:30pm

The Fourth Estate Restaurant will feature a menu of Tunisian cuisine on Wednesday, Jan. 29, coming from the cookbook, "Discovering Tunisian Cuisine" by Judy Hallet, a documentary filmmaker-turned-author. She first discovered Tunisian food as a Peace Corps volunteer and returned to the country 50 years later with her husband Stanley, an architecture professor who had been asked to help transform the architectural design studios at a private university in Tunis.

Over the next three years, the Hallets made several months-long trips to Tunisia. The cookbook was co-authored by Raoudha Guellali Ben Taarit, wife of the university president, and her cook, Hasna Trabelsi, who prepared recipes passed down from mothers, mothers-in-law, and grandmothers.

Tickets cost $95 per person or $180 per couple, including one copy of the book. National Press Club Members are eligible for a 15% discount on tickets, but purchase must be made through (with login).




Hors d’oeuvres
[Mechouïa] Blankit | Grilled vegetable canapés
- Slata Tounsya | Tunisian salad, tuna fish and eggs
- Swabâa Fatma | Fatma's fingers, potatoes, chicken and cheese
- Tagine Sebnakh | Spinach Tagine with lamb
Accompanied by Cenatiempo "Gran Tifeo," Campania Falanghina IGT, Italia 2017

Broudou | Vegetable soup with marrow bone
Accompanied by Domaine Neferis "Manifique Blanque" Sidi Salem 1st Cru AOC, Tunisia 2016

Second Course
Brik à l'Oeuf | Pastry with shrimp, parsley and egg
Accompanied by Cenatiempo "Gran Tifeo" Rosato, Campania IGT, Italia 2018

Locally-made sorbet

Couscous bel Hout | Red Snapper couscous with chickpeas, butternut squash and Anaheim peppers
Accompanied by Domaine Neferis "Selian," Sidi Salem Reserve AOC, Tunisia 2013

Samsa | Crushed nut filled pastry, dates and fresh fruit
Accompanied by Caves Ceptune Muscat "Jour et Nuit,” Mornag AOC, Tunisia 2016; and Mint Tea (with pine nuts)

The Fourth Estate Restaurant at The National Press Club | 529 14th Street NW (13th Floor), WDC 20045