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Trent'Anni - 30-Year Anniversary Dinner

February 9, 2019 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

In 1989, Christianne & Francesco Ricchi came to Washington, DC to introduce the authentic Italian cuisine they served in their iconic country trattoria outside of Florence. Thirty years have passed, and Chris & Francesco are reuniting once more to create a six-course, Tuscan extravaganza to celebrate this milestone. Join them for a communal feast of Ricchi family favorites of “cucina rustica” – rustic Italian country cooking. Come and share your stories of special moments enjoyed at i Ricchi’s table, and toast to “Trent’Anni” – 30 Years!



$165 per person includes cocktail, food, the wine, 10% tax and 20% gratuity


APERITIVO: Coccoli Ripieni e Prosecco - Florentine fritters stuffed with stracchino & mortadella Prosecco cocktail

ANTIPASTO: Affettati, sott’olii, crostini e fett’unta - 24 mo. aged prosciutto, Terra di Siena finocchiona fennel & Tuscan salami, house-made pickled vegetables, polenta mushroom crostini, grilled Tuscan bruschetta

ZUPPA: Ribollita - Vegetable minestrone “reboiled” with crusty Tuscan bread 

TRITTICO DI PASTA: Pappardelle sul Anatra – Fresh pasta ribbons, braised duck
Tortelli Mugellani – Potato stuffed tortelli, sage butter
Penne Strascicate – Penne “dragged through” Tuscan sugo

SECONDO: Arrosti al forno alla Cercina - Slow-roasted “arista” pork loin & Guinea fowl 
Pollo alla ragnatella - “Spider web” fried chicken
Rosticciana - Grilled spareribs 
Contorni di frittura e bietola saltata - Fried seasonal vegetables & Swiss chard

Zuccotto - Florentine dome-shaped sponge cake filled with chocolate mousse, pistachios & Chantilly cream

Ristorante i Ricchi | 1220 19th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036