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Webinar: Train Staff to Uphold Pillars of Food Safety

September 14, 2023 - 1:00pm

If you can get your employees to follow the foundation basics of safe food handling—hand hygiene, surface hygiene, and the Core Four of kitchen processes (clean, separate, cook, chill)—your kitchen has the best chance of turning out consistently safe food.

Join Melissa Yost, Hygiene Advisor with Tork, an Essity brand and learn what you and your team should know to keep your restaurants running safely. She will offer insights and best practices on personal hygiene and workspace sanitizing to minimize cross contamination, the importance of keeping ready-to-eat foods separate from raw, and the proper ways to cook and chill foods to keep them out of the temperature danger zone.

In addition to this webinar and to learn more about the Tork Clean Care Program please visit Foodservice. Here you will find additional content and tips on how to keep up with good personal hygiene and surface cleaning. REGISTER HERE