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Seeking to strengthen their bottom lines, increase the value of their business and minimize their impact on the environment, more restaurateurs are seeking out and incorporating sustainable practices into their food service operations.

From state and local energy and agricultural policies, to food waste and packaging restrictions, it is important for restaurant operators to understand the issues that impact the profitability of their business.

RAMW works with a number of businesses which can help you better understand these issues, help you build sustainability into your existing operations and provide food waste management solutions.

Chefs Tap Zero-Waste Cooking As Sustainability Trend for 2019

January 14, 2019
More chefs are making dishes from scrap ingredients, as zero-waste cooking trends to No. 3 in the National Restaurant Association's "What's Hot" report. Day after day, Washington, DC’s Teaism would trash pounds of broccoli stems, trimmings from florets served in the fast-casual’s bento boxes. Eyeing the waste, co-owner Michelle Brown would demur to Chef Alison Swope: “It’s a shame we can’t do anything with all those stems.” Challenge accepted. Swope’s “Broccoli Tots” combine ground broccoli stems with goat cheese and...

7 Menu Trends That Took Off in 2018

December 19, 2018
Restaurant Business Online // by Patricia Cobe This year met expectations and delivered a few surprises on the plate. These seven trends were major players on restaurant menus. 1. Clean ingredients as table stakes Consumer demand for transparency has changed menu development and sourcing, and there’s no turning back. Fast-casual operators were pioneers in cleaning up ingredient lists, but in 2018, operators in every segment made menu transparency a priority. And suppliers responded, reformulating products with minimal processing and all-natural ingredient lists. “Free-from”...

Need Info On Straws and Packaging Mandates? We’ve Got Answers

December 14, 2018
National Restaurant Association // News & Research Nutrition legislation and packaging mandates appear to be the entrees du jour for 2019. As restaurateurs find themselves wondering what to do next to navigate these issues and their related challenges, the National Restaurant Association will offer education and advice during a Dec. 19 webinar, “ What’s new in environmental and nutrition policy ”. Laura Abshire, our food and sustainability policy director, will provide an update on the issues. They include: The latest information on the anti-plastic movement , part of...

Top Tips for A Waste Not Holiday

November 21, 2018
James Beard Foundation Bear Bites // by Maggie Borden Picture the platonic ideal of a Thanksgiving table: a mammoth turkey stands center stage, surrounded with a smorgasbord of sides, with a plethora of pies and sweets waiting in the wings. Unfortunately, unless you're feeding a small army, this tableau is destined to linger past the holiday meal, in the form of leftovers and food waste. So how to tackle the Turkey Day challenge of overabundance? We tasked the chefs who contributed to our latest cookbook, Waste Not: How to Get the Most from Your Food , to come up with tips for handling...

Mayor Bowser Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Hurricane Florence

September 11, 2018
(WASHINGTON, DC) – As the District prepares for Hurricane Florence, Mayor Muriel Bowser has declared a state of emergency, effective immediately. “While we are monitoring potential impacts of Hurricane Florence on the District, we remain committed to keeping our residents safe, prepared, and informed,” said Mayor Bowser. “I encourage all District residents and visitors to take this storm seriously and stay up to date on the latest emergency information, including signing up for our AlertDC messaging service.” The declaration of public emergency is effective...Read more


June 11, 2018
Founding Farmers joined the gathering of DC foodies last night at the RAMMYS Awards Gala held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center . Our team was on hand to mix up some of the city’s favorite cocktails , including our Cucumber Delight featuring our award-winning craft vodka , and celebrate our industry friends. We also helped spread the word about two timely and important industry causes: the latest sustainability effort we are leading, Our Last Straw , to eliminate the use of plastic straws across the DMV; and banding together with our restaurant-working colleagues to vote no...

Why Restaurants Should Go Fish, for Unknown Species

April 4, 2018
QSR Magazine / by Mary Avant / March 2018 As fish stocks suffer, brands are turning to underutilized seafood varieties as more responsible replacements. Three billion. That’s how many people across the globe rely on seafood as their primary source of protein, according to the World Wildlife Fund. However, with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimating that roughly 85 percent of fish species are either overfished or fully depleted, consumers and the companies that feed them are left treading water in an attempt to support the growing demand for items across the...

James Beard Foundation launches Sustainable Seafood Partner program

March 23, 2018
SeafoodSource - By Chris Chase, Associate Editor March 23, 2018 In an effort to increase access to sustainable seafood and promote sustainable seafood options, The James Beard Foundation (JBF) announced the launch of its new Sustainable Seafood Partner program 22 March. The program, which dovetails with the foundation’s existing “Smart Catch” program , identifies seafood purveyors that are leaders in the industry when it comes to producing or harvesting seafood sustainably. Four companies have already pledged support for the initiative and have become partners: Skuna Bay, of...Read more

National Restaurant Association Releases "The State of Restaurant Sustainability 2018"

February 7, 2018
New report shows trends in restaurant environmental practices WASHINGTON, D.C -- The National Restaurant Association released the 2018 edition of The State of Restaurant Sustainability to highlight sustainability efforts by restaurant operators. The report provides the latest trends in environmental practices in the restaurant industry, along with consumer insights. It aims to help restaurant operations of all types and sizes understand what other restaurateurs are doing to begin or continue their own sustainability journey. The Association surveyed more than 500 restaurant owners and...Read more

Sustainability report focuses on industry’s eco-friendly efforts

February 7, 2018
National Restaurant Association As the industry’s interest in environmental sustainability continues to grow, the National Restaurant Association has released a new report highlighting responsible actions restaurant and foodservice operators are taking. The State of Restaurant Sustainability focuses on the latest environmental trends and practices for the restaurant industry as well as consumer insights. The goal is to help all operators learn about and understand what others are doing to become more sustainable. “The National Restaurant Association is committed to increasing...Read more