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Food Safety

Handling the food that others will eat is a big responsibility. Ensure the good health of your patrons, your staff – and your business – and be proactive about implementing and adhering to the highest food safety standards.  RAMW seeks to increase food and alcohol safety/security in the restaurant industry through training and certification.

RAMW is a staunch advocate for food and alcohol safety and security in the regional restaurant industry. The Association offers several training courses that give your staff the required certification to become licensed food safety managers and will educate you or your staff about food safety and the prevention of food borne illnesses. We will also work to keep you informed of any changes in the licensing process, as well as new laws and regulations introduced by regulatory agencies in Virginia, DC and Maryland.

DC Restaurant license renewals

November 30, 2011
DC Restaurant License Renewals You may now renew your restaurant license (Basic Business License), without a current health inspection certificate. Click here to read the letter from Nicolas Majette, DCRA Director.Read more

Health Inspection Grade Posting

February 1, 2011
RAMW Opposes Health Inspection Grade Posting Legislation Washington, DC (January 21, 2011) - Legislation was introduced in the Council of the District ofColumbia which would revamp the current health inspection regulations forrestaurants in Washington, DC. RAMW is opposed to this legislation – as we werewhen a version was introduced in 2009; that bill died in committee, as this oneshould. This legislation mandates a simplistic letter grading systemwith the grade posted in the restaurant’s front window. The process of healthinspections is a one-day snapshot that may or may not...Read more