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In March of 2010, the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), was signed into law by President Obama. As the ACA is implemented, the restaurant industry will be significantly impacted. From individuals to families, and small business with 50 or fewer employees to large, multi-unit employers with hundreds of employees, the new healthcare benefit landscape will certainly affect you and your employees.

Under the Affordable Care Act, health insurance marketplaces have been established at both the state and national level to facilitate the purchase of health insurance for individuals, families and businesses. Where you go to sign up for healthcare depends on where you live or operate your business. In the District of Columbia, RAMW is partnering with the DC Health Link to get restaurant employees, owners and operators the information they need to sign up and stay in compliance with the law. Those operators with businesses in Virginia and who are looking to purchase coverage for their employees, will need to visit In Maryland, operators who are looking to purchase coverage for their employees may visit Maryland's Health Benefit Exchange.

RAMW is working to ensure that restaurant owners and operators, and their employees receive information on healthcare developments in a timely and efficient manner.

DC Residents Urged to Take Advantage of $36 Million in Lower Health Insurance Premiums on DC Health Link

May 14, 2021
DC residents can potentially save thousands of dollars per year on health insurance premiums through the American Rescue Plan, signed into law by President Biden. Savings of nearly $36 million in premiums for DC residents this year; Plans as little as $2/month for residents who lost their jobs; Monthly savings average $146 a month for residents who have already provided their income information to DC Health Link; 100% payment of COBRA for laid off workers through September; District residents can go to right now to preview their premium savings and enroll in a health plan. If...

Watch: Health Insurance Options for Small Businesses & Individuals During the Pandemic

April 5, 2021
In collaboration with DC Health Link, the District’s online health insurance marketplace, RAMW recently hosted a webinar on the current options available to small businesses that have had changes in business operations affecting their ability to offer or maintain employer sponsored health coverage and for individuals who may be losing or have lost health insurance coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic. Including the newly added options that are part of the American Rescue Plan that also lowers premiums for District residents. View the recorded webinar here .

American Rescue Plan Lowers Health Insurance Premiums for District Residents

March 22, 2021
In response to the devastating economic and health impacts of COVID-19, the American Rescue Plan reduces premiums for health insurance through DC Health Link, provides health insurance for as little as $2/month to people who lost their jobs, and pays for 100% of COBRA for laid-off workers. It is a fundamental shift in how we view private health insurance affordability for all income earners and the biggest expansion of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) since 2010. District residents covered through DC Health Link will save approximately $36 million in premiums for individual and family health...

Health Insurance Options for Small Businesses and Individuals During the Pandemic

March 8, 2021
Join RAMW & DC Health Link for an informational webinar on the current options available to small businesses that have undergone operational changes and challenges impacting the ability to offer or maintain employer-sponsored health coverage due to the COVID-19 pandemic including information about: Zero percent down No policy terminations Automatic 12-month repay period Information will also be shared for individuals who may be losing or have lost health insurance coverage during the pandemic. Purvee Kempf, General Counsel and Chief Policy Advisor, with the DC Health Benefit Exchange...

DC Residents Without Health Insurance Can Get Covered Now Through DC Health Link

February 1, 2021
(Washington, DC­­) – Uninsured District of Columbia residents have more time to enroll in health coverage for 2021. From now through the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, residents can enroll using DC Health Link’s Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for COVID-19. All DC Health Link plans cover diagnosis, treatment, testing, and vaccination for COVID-19 for free Last year, the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority (DCHBX) adopted a COVID-19 Special Enrollment Period for District residents who need health insurance through the end of the District’s public health emergency. The...Read more

Mayor Bowser Announces DC Joins ‘Get Covered 2021’, a National Effort to Help Residents Get Insured During COVID-19 Pandemic

November 24, 2020
(WASHINGTON, DC) – Mayor Muriel Bowser and the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority announced that the District has joined Get Covered 2021, a national initiative to get uninsured Americans covered and promote information about quality affordable health plans and premium reductions. DC residents are encouraged to sign up for high-quality, affordable health insurance at . Open enrollment for District residents runs through January 31, 2021. For coverage to be effective January 1, 2021, residents must enroll by December 15, 2020. “The pandemic has placed a renewed...Read more

Free Social Distancing Seat and Floor Decals and Facemasks Available from DC HBX

November 23, 2020
RAMW is working with DC Health Link to provide free seat and floor decals to remind customers to maintain 6 feet between themselves and others. These decals are intended to be an aid in business operations to keep patrons safe and healthy, while complying with the Mayor’s orders for social distancing. Each business can request up to six (6) floor decals, ten (10) seat decals, and eight (8) facemasks by emailing us at . DC Health Link has taken several steps to reduce financial barriers making it easier to enroll in quality, comprehensive health insurance coverage. If...

Join Mayor Bowser for Health Round-Up 2021 – Open Enrollment Kickoff

November 5, 2020
On Saturday, Nov. 7, at 11:00am, DC Health Link is sponsoring a virtual enrollment kickoff that will bring together leading healthcare advocates, local leaders, celebrities and entertainers. Learn tips for healthy living, and most importantly, how to enroll in quality, affordable health insurance. The kickoff will feature: - Healthy cooking demonstrations with celebrity chefs; - Sounds of local DJs and artists; - Multicultural dance and music performances; - Exercise instruction with Zumba, Yoga experts; - Healthy living tips for 2021; Having health insurance is always important, but...

DC Health Link Extends Opportunity for DC Residents and Employees of DC Small Businesses to Get Covered During COVID-19 Crisis

September 11, 2020
PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release: September 10, 2020 Contact: Adam Hudson: (202) 527-5622; Linda Wharton Boyd: (202) 351-9777; Washington, DC –The DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority (DCHBX) Executive Board unanimously voted to adopt the recommendations from its Standing Advisory Board to extend the Special Enrollment Periods (SEP) for COVID-19 for District residents who need health insurance and for employees and dependents of employers already covered on DC Health Link to January 31, 2021, or longer if the District’s public health...Read more

New Face Mask Orders in DC & MD for Restaurants 4/15

April 15, 2020
We have some important updates to share with you as new Orders were issued today in DC and MD impacting restaurant operators.