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Operating a restaurant involves a lot of moving parts – most controlled by you, but many controlled by laws, regulations, licenses and permits. Alcoholic beverages, food safety, labor practices and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (the healthcare mandate) are significant – and then there is everything else.

Get to know the regulatory agencies that govern such things as sidewalk cafes, signage, noise, fire safety and more. And, get to know about the efforts being made by RAMW on your behalf to improve the regulatory environment.

Real Time DC Updates on Coronavirus

March 13, 2020
A Note from the Desk of RAMW's President & CEO, Kathy E. Hollinger Dear DC Restaurant Members, We are in a quickly evolving situation and would like to provide you with a quick real time update from DC Mayor Muriel Bower as of 4pm Friday afternoon. 1. At this time, the DC government has banned gatherings of 250 or more people. The Department of Health has indicated that this applies to restaurants with banquet halls and large private event spaces. Restaurants that can accommodate 250 people do not have to change operations at this time, as long as the 250 are broken up into smaller...

Coronavirus Update: Consumer Messaging, Social Media, and More

March 11, 2020
A Note from the Desk of RAMW's President & CEO, Kathy E. Hollinger Dear RAMW Members, We are hearing from many of you who are requesting suggested communication and messaging to share with diners across social media platforms and through signage you can post in your restaurants and at the host stand. We encourage you to share your enhanced cleanliness and sanitation practices with your customers. RAMW is in the process of creating sample collateral now and we will send you materials soon. Please stay tuned. If you choose to create your own messaging, it is advised industry-wide that...

IMPORTANT Restaurant Coronavirus Updates

March 9, 2020
A Note from the Desk of RAMW's President & CEO, Kathy E. Hollinger We know Restaurant Members are receiving a lot of emails regarding coronavirus, so we want to cut through the noise, and provide you with pertinent information specific to the restaurant and foodservice industry. Please be aware that w e are in discussion with the city on the creation of a relief fund or other mechanisms of support that can be provided to help preserve the financial health and economy of our local industry. As there are new developments daily, it is crucial that you are receiving information from us in...

Make Your Business Buzz-Worthy with Location-Based Marketing

March 6, 2020
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association Location-based marketing is now about audiences instead of individuals Location-based marketing is no novelty, but it is growing and evolving. Asif Khan, founder and director of the Location Based Marketing Association , says 88% of retail and restaurant companies worldwide used local marketing in 2019, up 8% from 2018. Annual spending on technology — platforms, solutions and hardware — is expected to reach $57.4 billion globally by 2021, with geotargeted advertising expenditures rising to $39.4 billion. “That’s...

Restaurants provide first jobs and a career path

March 6, 2020
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association Nearly half of restaurant job openings in 2019 were filled by either first-time workers or promotions. The restaurant industry has long been the top training ground for new entrants to the workforce. In fact, nearly one-half of adults say their first regular job was in the restaurant and foodservice industry, according to new National Restaurant Association research . This trend continued in 2019, with restaurant operators reporting that roughly one in four of their job openings were filled by people for whom this was the first regular job...

Middle-Class Jobs Are Growing Rapidly in Restaurants

March 6, 2020
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association The restaurant industry is adding middle-class jobs at a faster pace than the overall economy. The restaurant industry added middle class jobs* at a rate more than three times stronger than the overall economy during the recovery from the Great Recession, according to an analysis of data from the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Between 2010 and 2018, the number of restaurant jobs with annual income between $45,000 and $74,999 jumped 84 percent. In comparison, middle-class jobs in the overall economy rose just 24 percent...

Reduce the Mess to Lessen Your Stress

March 3, 2020
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association Spring is a terrific time to reflect on where your business is at, and where you’d like it to be. Assess what’s not working, declutter and freshen up. Follow these spring cleaning tips to improve your brand, operations and bottom line. Put the brakes on what’s not working We’ve all tried something that didn’t work. Not every product or marketing promotion is a super seller. If something isn't working, it’s time to drop it and try something else. Menu: Do you carry menu items that are not popular? Do...

IMPORTANT Restaurant Coronavirus Updates

March 3, 2020
A Note from the Desk of RAMW's President & CEO, Kathy E. Hollinger As of March 2, there have been no confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Washington, DC or the metro region. We are in constant conversation with relevant government agencies, lodging and hospitality partners and the National Restaurant Association to ensure we have the most up to date information, to then share a plan of action with our members and the restaurant community. What You Should Focus On Right Now Our goal is to provide you with information and tools that might assist with your planning and...

If the Coronavirus Spreads in America, Food Delivery Companies Could See a Surge in Demand — Are They Ready?

March 2, 2020
Original content c/o: MarketWatch People who isolate themselves with ‘social distancing measures’ would still need food From movie chains to luxury retailers, the coronavirus could cut into earnings for many consumer-facing companies if the virus that’s infected more than 82,000 people worldwide escalates in America and forces consumers to stay home. Chinese workers in February carrying a cart of vegetables meant as groceries for nearby residents. Photo Credit: GREG BAKER/AFP via Getty Images Yet bottom lines could go in the opposite direction for companies with food...

How Restaurants Can Prepare for a Coronavirus Pandemic

February 28, 2020
Original content c/o: Restaurant Business Magazine As virus fears grip the country, experts stress planning and good food safety practices to reduce risk. As coronavirus fears gripped the world this week, more attention has focused on challenges restaurants often face in keeping sick workers home — and how that could exacerbate the spread of a virus many experts believe is destined to become a global pandemic. Photo credit: Shutterstock As of Friday, there were 82,294 confirmed cases of coronavirus, or COVID-19, worldwide, the vast majority of them in China, according to the World...