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Operating a restaurant involves a lot of moving parts – most controlled by you, but many controlled by laws, regulations, licenses and permits. Alcoholic beverages, food safety, labor practices and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (the healthcare mandate) are significant – and then there is everything else.

Get to know the regulatory agencies that govern such things as sidewalk cafes, signage, noise, fire safety and more. And, get to know about the efforts being made by RAMW on your behalf to improve the regulatory environment.

Jonathan Pearlman New President of Congressional Seafood Co.

February 18, 2020
Jessup, MD – (February 18, 2020) – Stanley Pearlman Enterprises Inc. is pleased to announce that after more than 21 years with the company, Jonathan Pearlman has been promoted to President of Congressional Seafood Company. Congressional Seafood Co, which provides the mid-Atlantic region with high-quality seafood products, is a division of Stanley Pearlman Enterprises, Inc. Pearlman joined the team at Congressional Seafood Co. in 2005, having transitioned over from its sister company, NAFCO (North Atlantic Fish Company). With a background in advertising, artistic skills, and a...Read more

Public Health Matters: Understanding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

February 13, 2020
Original content c/o: ECOLAB WHAT IS IT? Coronaviruses are RNA enveloped viruses than can infect animals and humans. So far, there are six known human coronaviruses. Four of these coronaviruses are less pathogenic, generally causing only minor respiratory symptoms like the common cold. Two other coronaviruses — Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SARS CoV) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS CoV) — can cause serious respiratory diseases. A new strain of Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has emerged, is causing illnesses globally and is different from other...

Refundable Tax Credit For DC Retail Businesses

February 4, 2020
Original content c/o: Aronson LLC // by Aaron Boker Businesses in the District of Columbia should not overlook the Small Retailer Property Tax Relief Credit . The term “small retailer” implies a narrow scope of eligible businesses, but the credit applies to more business activities than the program’s name suggests. Plus, the credit is easy to claim and refundable. For tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2018, the District allows certain retail businesses to claim the Small Retailer Property Tax Relief Credit. This is a refundable franchise tax credit claimed against...

National Restaurant Association Airs Guide for Combating Coronavirus

February 3, 2020
Published by: Restaurant Business Magazine (online) The recommendations closely follow the best practices for containing norovirus. The National Restaurant Association has issued recommendations for helping restaurant operators protect customers and employees from coronavirus , the potentially lethal infection that has spread from China to the United States. Photograph: Shutterstock Among the best practices cited in the one-page list of recommendations are sending home any employees who sport flu-like symptoms and providing extra tissues and napkins for customers to use for coughs or sneezes...Read more

Take Active Control of Food Safety

January 31, 2020
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association National Restaurant Association webinar explains how an Active Managerial Control (AMC) system can help you improve food safety and reduce inspection violations. Restaurants with good food safety management systems had half as many risk factors and out-of-compliance food safety practices as those without such systems in place. In a webinar hosted by the National Restaurant Association, Charles S. Otto III, independent consultant, EAS Consulting Group LLC, Alexandria, Va., looked at the concept of Active Managerial Control programs, why...

Zion & Zion Study Examines Consumers' Frustrations with Restaurant Delivery Apps

January 8, 2020
A new study from the market research team at Zion & Zion, a top-ranked, full-service, national marketing agency, examines the problems and frustrations that consumers experience with multi-restaurant delivery websites/apps like Grubhub and UberEATS. The findings of Zion & Zion's research have implications for both restaurants and delivery apps: ​Non-millennials experience significantly more frustration (61.2%) with these apps than millennials (46.9%). Consumers experience problems with multi-restaurant delivery websites/apps an average of 24.4% of the time, including missing or...Read more

Industry Experts Predict These 10 Beverage Trends Will Hit Menus In 2020

January 10, 2020
S&D Coffee & Tea ® and Nation's Restaurant News Tap Restaurant Operators to Determine Top Trends Leading beverage supplier and innovator S&D Coffee & Tea® recently teamed up with Nation's Restaurant News to predict the top beverage trends most likely to appear on restaurant menus in 2020. Drawn from a comprehensive survey* commissioned among restaurant operators nationwide, along with an in-depth audit of market insights and testimonials from influential industry insiders, the report is diverse in its findings. Trends range from the nitrogenation of coffee to...Read more

RetailMeNot Serves Up Insights on America's Appetite for Restaurant Deals in 2020

January 14, 2020
- Dining out has become a staple of Americans' monthly eating habits, with 83% of consumers eating a meal outside the home at least once per month - Americans now spend an average of $281 on dining out in a typical month - Discounts and deals influence Americans' out-of-home dining choices more than expected: 77% say a deal would make them more likely to choose to dine out RetailMeNot today announced the release of the 2020 Restaurant Marketing Insights guide, providing a comprehensive look at consumer behaviors when dining out and the strategies restaurant marketers can execute in...Read more

Grubhub Launches Ultimate Technology For Restaurants To Address $250+ Billion US Takeout Market

January 23, 2020
- Diners to enjoy order transparency and time savings - Restaurants to see increased order volume, revenue and staff efficiency Grubhub , the nation's leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplace, today launched its Ultimate technology, a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind proprietary hardware and software solution that integrates all restaurant ordering channels into one system. Replacing error-prone handwritten scribbles and shouts, Ultimate is a digital workflow solution, connecting the front- and back-of-the house directly with diners and creating a transparent view...Read more

Are you in Compliance with DC's New Paid Leave Law?

January 31, 2020
Don't Let DC Government Fine You Stay in Compliance with New Paid Family Leave Law by Posting Required Employee Notice On July 1, 2020, the DC Paid Family Leave program will launch and at that time District employees would be able to apply to the DC government for paid family leave benefits for qualifying parental, family, and medical events. Under the Universal Paid Leave Act, all DC employers are required to post the Mayor's paid leave notice in a conspicuous place within their respective worksites. This notice details an employee's right to paid-leave benefits, that retaliation...Read more