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Operating a restaurant involves a lot of moving parts – most controlled by you, but many controlled by laws, regulations, licenses and permits. Alcoholic beverages, food safety, labor practices and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (the healthcare mandate) are significant – and then there is everything else.

Get to know the regulatory agencies that govern such things as sidewalk cafes, signage, noise, fire safety and more. And, get to know about the efforts being made by RAMW on your behalf to improve the regulatory environment.

Restaurant Industry 2030 Report Predicts Much Older Labor Force

December 3, 2019
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association Big labor changes are coming in the next decade. Restaurateurs will hire older employees to staff their businesses. The restaurant industry, facing a tight labor market and the prospect of employing 17 million people by 2030, is bracing for sea change. Over the next 10 years, restaurant companies will hire older employees as its younger talent pool shrinks. The numbers don’t lie … According to the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Industry 2030: Actionable Insights for the Future , there will be about 1.2...

Getting On the Map with Tourists

December 3, 2019
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association How to stand out when tourists come looking for a taste of your town Modern travel is an immersive, sensory experience. Tourists want to discover new experiences, and those include new foods and new kinds of restaurants. Younger consumers, especially, want a culinary taste of place in order to get a sense of place. They want to eat like the locals. Tourism business counts now for restaurants and may count even more in the future because travelers tend to be dine-in customers . Industry experts surveyed for the National Restaurant...

How to Retain Quality Beverage Talent in Your Restaurant

November 21, 2019
Original content c/o: Nation's Restaurant News And why having a strong bar team is building sales at The Grape D’Vine, Hakkasan Restaurant Group, The Grey Plume The restaurant business is notorious for having a revolving door. The staff come, and they go, but sometimes, just sometimes, the good ones stay. Capturing them can be akin to netting a unicorn, for the truly good ones can be game changers for your business. Nowhere is this more important than for those who have a hand in the beverage sales of the operation. Keeping a keen eye out to identify strong talent is the first step...Read more

Reef Technology Is Putting Virtual Restaurants in Parking Garages

November 21, 2019
Original content c/o: Nation's Restaurant News The Miami-based Reef Technology parking facilities company is launching Reef Kitchens: a hub for delivery-only ghost kitchens Reef Technology — the Miami, Fla.-based parking facilities technology company — has entered the world of the virtual restaurant with its Reef Kitchens division, which will put delivery-based cloud kitchens inside their parking facilities. Reef Technology has 5,000 parking facilities across North America, calling each of their parking garages and lots an “ecosystem hub” with a digital platform...Read more

Romaine Lettuce Implicated in E. coli Outbreak in 16 States

November 23, 2019
Original content c/o: Nation's Restaurant News The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns restaurant operators not to serve lettuce from Salinas, CA The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday urged restaurants not to sell or serve any romaine lettuce from Salinas, Calif. following a multistate outbreak of E. coli 0157:H7. A total of 40 people have fallen ill in 16 states, and among them 28 have been hospitalized, including five that have developed kidney failure. No deaths had been reported. The CDC had not identified a specific grower, supplier or distributor as...Read more

Did Your Head of Supply Chain Miss Out on This Meeting?

October 29, 2019
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association Leading restaurant company pros swapped tips on purchasing, packaging and recruitment at our Supply Chain Management conference. More than 230 restaurant industry professionals came to Orlando, Fla., in late October for our Supply Chain Management group’s fall conference. Topping the agenda: the state of affordable sustainable packaging the role of technology in supply-chain food safety developing negotiation skills attracting younger people to the supply-chain management profession. Here are a few highlights from the two-day...

One Foodborne Illness Can Cost Your Operation Millions

November 13, 2019
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association Cost of food safety training is a bargain in comparison. Wonder how much a foodborne illness outbreak could cost your restaurant? The amount you spend could range from thousands to literally millions of dollars, especially when lawsuits and reputational damage are in the mix. Here’s where some of the money goes if an outbreak is traced to your operation: Business lost closing your restaurant to clean and sanitize it. Business lost waiting for the health department to approve reopening. Throwing out all potentially contaminated food...

Plan for the Future with National Restaurant Association's New Restaurant Industry 2030 Report

November 5, 2019
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association Get a rare glimpse into the restaurant industry 10 years from now and take away insights you can begin to act on today. Whether you’re an operator or supplier, the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Industry 2030 report is key to your strategic plan. It’s full of insights to help you prepare for and capitalize on upcoming trends, developments, demographic changes, and industry challenges. As society’s pace and technology speed up exponentially, it’s even more important for restaurants to prepare for...

Driving Profitability in the Third-Party Delivery Space

November 4, 2019
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association Beverages present an untapped, incremental revenue opportunity for restaurants leveraging third-party delivery. Everyone’s talking about the disruptive effect third-party delivery has on traditional restaurant operations – but not much has been written about how beverages fit into the equation. According to the marketing team at The Coca-Cola Company , 70% to 80% of on-premises restaurant transactions include a beverage in the order, compared to only a small fraction of third-party delivery orders. “When it comes to...

10 Winning Workforce Strategies

November 7, 2019
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association Restaurants share their best ideas for recruiting good employees and keeping them once they’re on board. Restaurants don’t just have to fill seats. They have to fill jobs, and careers. And in a tight labor market, it’s getting more difficult to find and retain employees. But new approaches, many with a personal touch and others that lean on technology or financial incentives, can help operators succeed at recruiting and retaining great employees by making their restaurants truly great places to work. Check out this...