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Operating a restaurant involves a lot of moving parts – most controlled by you, but many controlled by laws, regulations, licenses and permits. Alcoholic beverages, food safety, labor practices and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (the healthcare mandate) are significant – and then there is everything else.

Get to know the regulatory agencies that govern such things as sidewalk cafes, signage, noise, fire safety and more. And, get to know about the efforts being made by RAMW on your behalf to improve the regulatory environment.

Don’t let fraudsters eat your lunch

November 2, 2016 to November 20, 2016
Liability shift lifts veil on small counterfeit charges By: Georgia Stavrakis, CPP It’s been a year since the U.S. migrated to EMV technology, and more than 1 million businesses now use EMV chip-embedded credit card readers. Unfortunately, criminals are taking full advantage of businesses that haven’t fully made the switch, leaving even small businesses vulnerable to costly chargebacks. Restaurants have been plagued for years by counterfeit, stolen and cloned credit card activity, but it’s much more apparent now that liability for these fraudulent charges shifted to the...

Save Energy and Money with Washington Gas

July 6, 2016
Whether you want to reduce operating costs, increase the reliability of your energy supply, upgrade inefficient systems, increase your revenue potential or improve the ambience of your restaurant —Washington Gas is here to help. Our team will help you determine what investments will save the most energy and money. We’ll survey your structure or planned project, assess your energy needs and recommend natural gas solutions that will give you optimal performance at absolutely no cost to you. Our team also has the experience and technical expertise to walk you through each stage of...

DC Sustainable Energy Utility Success Story: ThinkFoodGroup

June 1, 2016 to July 31, 2016
RESTAURANTS CONSUME FIVE TO SEVEN TIMES MORE ENERGY THAN OTHER BUSINESSES OCCUPYING SIMILAR SQUARE FOOTAGE. Restaurants waste more energy than a typical business—as much as $8 billion in energy every year. ThinkFoodGroup is taking steps to change that at Zaytinya. In an effort to be more energy-efficient, we enlisted the help of DCSEU to upgrade our lighting. Not only has this process saved the restaurant money, it’s also better for the environment, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. - Stew Newbold, Director of Operations, THINKFOODGROUP PROJECT DESCRIPTION...

Webinar: Restaurant Chargebacks and EMV

June 23, 2016
Have you experienced an increasing number of chargebacks in the wake of last fall's liability shift? Now that the fraud liability shift has moved to merchants, many restaurant operators are seeing an increase in chargebacks in the restaurant space. Many restaurant POS companies do not have a method (EMV) to process these cards which in turn exposes the restaurant to the liability. Join the National Restaurant Assocation (NRA) and Heartland Payment Systems for a webinar on this topic on June 23, 11 a.m. ET . During this webinar, experts from Heartland and the National Restaurant...

District Foam Ban Takes Effect January 1, 2016

December 31, 2015
(WASHINGTON, DC) December 30, 2015 – Starting January 1, 2016, District businesses and organizations that serve food will no longer be able to use containers or other food service products made of expanded polystyrene, commonly known as foam or Styrofoam™. Passed by the DC Council in June 2014, the ban will reduce trash pollution in the District’s waterways. Foam litter is consistently one of the most prevalent types of trash pollution in the Anacostia River. “Foam is easily blown by wind or washed by rain into our storm drains and waterbodies,” said Department...Read more

The ABCs of the ACA for Employers with 50-99 FTEs

October 25, 2015
Some content below provided by Heartland Payment Systems a RAMW Endorsed Provider . The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) third open enrollment is underway and there are even more changes to the law this year. The stakes are higher for everyone involved in 2016. From new, complicated tax forms to increased penalties for noncompliance, the confusion and sense of urgency mounts for business owners across the U.S. What is the ACA or “Obamacare”? Under this law, you may be required to provide your employees with a certain level of insurance coverage, and weeding through the...Read more

Life After the EMV Liability Shift

November 5, 2015
Content provided by Heartland Payment Systems a RAMW Endorsed Provider . The liability shift deadline has passed. And guess what? The world didn’t come to an end—just like it didn’t when the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2000. But unlike Y2K, EMV is here to stay. The good news is the sun didn’t set for good on October 1. Maybe you were aware of the liability shift, but decided against the equipment upgrade. You might have had every intention of becoming compatible, but before you knew it, October 1 had come and gone. Or you could still be trying to understand how...

Cyber Security: Trick or Truth

October 1, 2015
Cyber Security: Trick or Truth [Infographic] by Heartland ​ October 1st, 2015 In honor of National Cyber Security Month, we bust the most common myths surrounding EMV, firewalls and more, so you can effectively protect your business from the ghosts and goblins, otherwise known as hackers. You don’t have to be a target. Learn more about Heartland’s data security solutions.

The Industry of Opportunity

September 30, 2015
Restaurants and the foodservice industry in the DC Metropolitan region are major drivers of business growth. Restaurants account for nearly 60,000 jobs just in DC and the industry brings in over $2.6 billion in spending to the District. Still, restaurant owners and operators face a delicate battle to maintain a sustainable bottom line and continue to create and maintain jobs. Learn about how restaurants thrive in our region, about the challenges and economics of owning a foodservice business, and read the stories of the people behind some of our regions best restaurants in the Washington...Read more

HostMe Looks to Top Other Restaurant Management Services

September 8, 2015
Washington, DC – Restaurant services vendor HostMe, LLC announced today the complete product launch of HostMe, a modern, customizable front-of-house system that is already revolutionizing the way restaurants do business. “We’re excited to truly bring restaurant management into the digital era,” said co-founder Evgeny Popov. “Where other vendors have stopped short of full integration, the HostMe app and hardware bundle offers restaurateurs the opportunity to improve front-of-house operations by transitioning the business away from cumbersome pager systems and...Read more