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Workforce Development

The Buffalo Wild Wings Incident – What Would Your Restaurant Do?

December 19, 2019
Original content c/o: Bruce Adelson, Attorney at Law Racial slurs, intolerant comments, discriminatory actions often flare up without warning. The businesses where they occur must act swiftly and without hesitation to stamp them out and end the behavior. Otherwise, news of intolerant incidents will go viral, spreading quickly through all corners of social media. Once the viral phenomenon hits, businesses risk much – in lost revenue, negative attention, damaged reputation, and possible lawsuits. To guard against such events, businesses must be proactive with zero tolerance policies,...

Restaurant Industry 2030 Report Predicts Much Older Labor Force

December 3, 2019
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association Big labor changes are coming in the next decade. Restaurateurs will hire older employees to staff their businesses. The restaurant industry, facing a tight labor market and the prospect of employing 17 million people by 2030, is bracing for sea change. Over the next 10 years, restaurant companies will hire older employees as its younger talent pool shrinks. The numbers don’t lie … According to the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Industry 2030: Actionable Insights for the Future , there will be about 1.2...

How to Retain Quality Beverage Talent in Your Restaurant

November 21, 2019
Original content c/o: Nation's Restaurant News And why having a strong bar team is building sales at The Grape D’Vine, Hakkasan Restaurant Group, The Grey Plume The restaurant business is notorious for having a revolving door. The staff come, and they go, but sometimes, just sometimes, the good ones stay. Capturing them can be akin to netting a unicorn, for the truly good ones can be game changers for your business. Nowhere is this more important than for those who have a hand in the beverage sales of the operation. Keeping a keen eye out to identify strong talent is the first step...Read more

Did Your Head of Supply Chain Miss Out on This Meeting?

October 29, 2019
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association Leading restaurant company pros swapped tips on purchasing, packaging and recruitment at our Supply Chain Management conference. More than 230 restaurant industry professionals came to Orlando, Fla., in late October for our Supply Chain Management group’s fall conference. Topping the agenda: the state of affordable sustainable packaging the role of technology in supply-chain food safety developing negotiation skills attracting younger people to the supply-chain management profession. Here are a few highlights from the two-day...

Plan for the Future with National Restaurant Association's New Restaurant Industry 2030 Report

November 5, 2019
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association Get a rare glimpse into the restaurant industry 10 years from now and take away insights you can begin to act on today. Whether you’re an operator or supplier, the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Industry 2030 report is key to your strategic plan. It’s full of insights to help you prepare for and capitalize on upcoming trends, developments, demographic changes, and industry challenges. As society’s pace and technology speed up exponentially, it’s even more important for restaurants to prepare for...

10 Winning Workforce Strategies

November 7, 2019
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association Restaurants share their best ideas for recruiting good employees and keeping them once they’re on board. Restaurants don’t just have to fill seats. They have to fill jobs, and careers. And in a tight labor market, it’s getting more difficult to find and retain employees. But new approaches, many with a personal touch and others that lean on technology or financial incentives, can help operators succeed at recruiting and retaining great employees by making their restaurants truly great places to work. Check out this...

Minority Share of Population Increases by 2030

November 13, 2019
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association Inclusion will help drive profitability and relevance for restaurants committed to diversity. A demographic shift is happening in the United States. By 2030, the number of Hispanic-, Asian- and African-Americans will grow to represent a larger proportion of the US population than 2020, according to data reported in the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Industry 2030: Actionable Insights for the Future report. By the numbers The country’s demographics are indeed changing, reflected in the number of minorities rising...

For Restaurants, Every Day is Veterans Day

November 18, 2019
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association Supporting US service men and women is something the restaurant industry takes very seriously. The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation took the opportunity around Veterans Day to amplify the training and career opportunities our industry offers military personnel who have completed active duty and are returning to civilian life. November 11 to 17 also coincided with National Apprenticeship Week , and apprenticeship opportunities are very much a part of the educational offerings for service personnel. Here are some of the...

Teens in the Labor Force Expected to Fall to a 65-Year Low

October 24, 2019
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association Labor force growth will be dominated by older adults during the next decade, which will have implications for the restaurant workforce. As of September 2019, the U.S. economy had added jobs in 108 consecutive months. That’s the longest uninterrupted streak of job growth on record, and resulted in an addition of more than 21 million jobs. Despite the steady gains, the current expansion contained only one year (2015) in which the economy posted job growth above 2 percent. As a result, the current decade is on pace to be the second-...

Learn to Recognize Unconscious Bias at Your Operation

October 16, 2019
Original content c/o: National Restaurant Association The world and workplace are increasingly multicultural. Enhance your cultural intelligence and embrace diversity to benefit your business. Do you have the knowledge and skills necessary to engage people from different cultural backgrounds effectively? Do you know what unconscious bias is, or the negative impact it can have on your restaurant’s operations and sales? Gerry Fernandez, founder and president of the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance , an affiliate of the National Restaurant Association , says...