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Delivery Driver *Perishables* Early Hours & OT (Hanover, MD)

7226 Parkway Drive, Hanover, MD, 21076
Full Time • Hourly • Competitive • Based on Experience
Expires on June 1, 2019

Job Summary:
The Delivery Driver has primary responsibility for getting our goods to our customers. In addition to the Outside Sales Representative, the Driver is the face of Belair Produce to the customer. It is paramount, therefore, that the Driver constantly maintain an upbeat, courteous and cooperative demeanor with the customer.

Job Duties & Responsibilities:
* Evaluate all delivery paperwork. Note special instructions, COD payment requirements and other issues as required.
* All pallets are to be removed from the truck and properly placed in the shipping area. Trash, boxes etc. are to be removed from the truck and the vehicle is to be left broom clean.
* The driver is to complete the driver log noting any issues with the vehicle.
* The vehicle is to be returned to the company facility with a full tank of fuel.
* Drivers must always be courteous, upbeat and cooperative with the customer. The Driver should NEVER be discourteous or confrontational with the customer. Any such issues need to be brought to the attention of the supervisor and the assigned Sales Representative.
* Drivers must always present themselves in a clean company uniform, with proper personal grooming per company policy.
* Open the truck and inspect the load prior to departure. Scan the paperwork and the truck loading to identify and issues.
* Immediately note any concerns regarding load layout, re: product condition, product safety or security, etc.
* Review the previous truck/driver log to note any issues from the prior use of the vehicle.
* Start the truck, check to assure the truck is fueled, the lights, turns signals and wipers work, the tires are inflated and safe, and otherwise inspect the vehicle to assure it is safe to use for the required deliveries for the day.
* Proceed to each location per the route outline.
* Meet the customer receiving personnel. Work with the receiver to unload, inspect and verify the delivery and assure customer sign off on product receipt.
* Do not leave orders without a customer representative to sign off on delivery unless specifically instructed to do so by the Supervisor.
* Assure that all COD customer have payment available in the proper amount. Furnish the customer with a payment receipt per company policy.
* Should a payment not be available or should there be no customer representative on site to receive the delivery, contact Belair Customer Service immediately by phone for instructions.
* Receive Product Pickup/Return Slips from the office prior to departure. Inspect the items the customer wishes to return and assure that they are as presented on the pickup slip. Should a customer wish to return items and the driver has no pickup slip, the driver is to contact Customer Service for approval. No returns are to be accepted without a pick up slip or verbal authorization from Customer Service.
* Upon return from the day’s deliveries, the driver is to unload any returns and/or omitted deliveries and assure these are properly documented for the office.
1. At least five (5) years prior direct experience in product delivery operations in a distribution environment.
2. Demonstrated Ability to read and write in English
3. Demonstrated mathematical skills for basic product counting
4. Good organizational and communication skills.
5. A valid driver’s license for the class of vehicles the company operates
6. A clean driver’s record to the satisfaction of management
7. Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure.
8. Willingness to “roll up his sleeves” and do what is necessary to get the job done.
9. This is primarily product handling position and will require working in a warehouse environment and as such the incumbent must be capable of lifting items of at least 50 lbs.