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America's Political Party Town - City A.M

October 28, 2008

Featured in City A.M.

America’s Political Party Town

By: Ryan Borroff

With all eyes on the US capital as the atmosphere reaches fever pitch ahead of the US elections, Washington DC has never been more interesting or exciting.

What’s really surprising is how amenable it is, with its wide, tree lined boulevards, gorgeous parks and monuments and spotless avenues,steeped in history.

For Brits it feels like the most European of cities, with its familiararchitecture reminiscent of Paris or Berlin. What’s more, the city isremarkable easy to navigate and warmly welcoming, making it a viable weekend destination for a winter city hop.

You’ll be surprised at how trendy the capital is and at how cosmopolitan its residents are, but most of all, if you are interestedin US history, political or otherwise, you’ll find you simply can’t getenough of it.

And if it’s power lunches you’re used to, why not checkout some of DC’s finest lounges and restaurants to spot the great andthe good...Click To View the Full Article.

RAMW Members Mentioned:
Sam & Harry's, The Caucus Room, Topaz Bar -Topaz Hotel, Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe,The Source by Wolfgang Puck,Bistro Bis, Seasons at the Four Seasons, Martin's Tavern, and Ben'sChili Bowl