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CloakRoom - Year End Edition

March 25, 2008
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And To All A Good...2008

This past year has been incredible for the restaurant industry in the Washington Metropolitan area.  Our restaurants and chefs are garnering amazing media attention, the 2007 RAMMYS alone surpassed all expectations (see page 2, “Did you know…”).  Restaurant Week, both Winter and Summer, have grown in restaurant participation and public patronage giving the historically slow months of January and August a huge boost.  The legislative mania that can infect local governing bodies is not being left unchecked.  RAMW, as the collective voice of area restaurants, is there in the council chambers, on the doorstep of delegates’ offices and in the committee meetings to ensure that the interests of our industry are being addressed.  Through all of this our Associate Members are there at our sides providing the goods and services that keep us going.  In particular, we appreciate and thank our Endorsed Providers for the various programs that are customized to our industry’s needs.  And a great thank you to those restaurants that host our monthly socials—what better way to get to know other members, network and enjoy the camaraderie of our fellow restaurateurs.   And to our Board of Directors we give our thanks for the giving of their time and expertise in lending guidance to the Association; in particular, the Executive Committee, Paul Cohn as Chair, and Andrew J. Kline as General Counsel for the investment of their time and energy over and above the rigors of their company responsibilities.
From all of us here at RAMW to all of you, have a wonderful holiday and safe (and profitable) New Year…

Lynne Breaux, President

Have a Happy Holiday
Fantastic New Year!