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Co Co. Sala Sweetens up DC's Restaurant Scene

July 16, 2008




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Co Co. Sala Sweetens up DC’s Restaurant Scene

Owner and Encore Construction celebrate the opening of chocolate lounge and boutique

Washington, D.C. – July 1, 2008Co Co. Sala, the DC metropolitan area’s 3300 sq. ft. premiere chocolate lounge and boutique recently celebrated its grand opening. Co Co. Sala will specialize in espresso and chocolate-based drinks along with artisanal chocolates and pastries.  A creative partnership between Nisha Sidhu, founder of The Sugar Gallery, Inc. and Bharet Malhotra, vice president of sales at Cvent, Inc., fostered the vision for Co Co. Sala.  Encore Construction, Inc., the Mid-Atlantic region’s premiere general contractor specializing in restaurant construction, recently completed the new $1.4 million, 130-seat Co Co. Sala located at 929 F Street, NW.

“Encore did a fantastic job translating our vision for this space into a reality,” said Malhotra, operator of Co Co. Sala. “They were very diligent with all the intricate details.  Some significant features included undulating walls and ceilings to emulate the flow of chocolate, environment controlled display cases and chocolate room, and a back lit onyx hostess stand. The lounge & boutique ambiance is such an integral part of our concept, and being able to bring it to life through the construction process is absolutely commendable.”Designed by Alex Hurtado of Interior Architects, Co Co. Sala features plush mocha couches and chairs, a softly blue lit bar with flat screens, the mixing of both fiber optic and slender overhead lighting, and a touch of open flame accents throughout the restaurant. Hurtado’s design provides Co Co. Sala patrons a modern chocolate theme with a warm feel.

With an ambiance of sculptures made from sugar and chocolate, Co Co. Sala will offer more than just delectable beverages, sweets and deserts. The restaurant will also serve a light lunch and savory small plates in the evenings, with flavors derived from cuisines of various countries.

The successful completion of Co Co. Sala was due to the strong partnership among the restaurant’s owner Nisha Sidhu and operator Bharet Malhotra, Encore Construction, Inc., and architect Alex Hurtado.

“Working as a project coordinating collective allowed Co Co. Sala to live up to and achieve all expectations and potential,” said Joe McCafferty, vice president of construction at Encore.

Co Co. Sala is conveniently located three blocks from both the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metrorail and the Metro Center Metrorail.

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Encore Construction, Inc. is the Mid-Atlantic region’s premiere restaurant contractor. The team of professionals at Encore Construction is dedicated to bringing personalized service and superior results to your next restaurant project. For more information, visit or call John Klakamp at 410-573-5050.

The premier coffee, chocolate and cocktail lounge in the DC metropolitan area, Co Co. Sala specializes in espresso and chocolate-based drinks, artisanal chocolates and pastries. For more information on Co Co. Sala’s menu, services, and hours, visit or call 202-347-4265.

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