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I Smell A Ban A'Cookin' Edition

January 21, 2007

The Weekly Feed: I Smell A Ban A'Cookin' Edition

Now Departing Union Station, Trans Fat
I'd watch out on the red line over the next few days if I were you. Courtesy of today's Examiner, we learn that both B. Smith's and Capitol City Brewing Company are booting Trans fat out the door, and he is going to be pissed off. There's no telling what some Trans fat will do, all newly-jobless and lacking a hydrogen atom, he may cause some bedlam by wantonly attacking us with coronary heart disease. It is an orange alert, after all.

Following on the heels of New York City's Trans fat ban, this is good news for Washington's health conscious, though we don't know how much healthier some deluxe nachos or catfish fingers are going to be because they're dumping the veggie-lard for some sunflower oil. According to the article, however, it's not too healthy for the restaurant's bottom line; non-trans fat oil is almost twice as costly as the down and dirty stuff. Capitol City says they won't pass on the cost to consumers, but it's not like the hammered summer interns are going to know anyway, right?

The Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington latches on to the cost as the reason they oppose an all-out ban on Trans fat. What do we think? We say ban the crap out of it! In case you haven't noticed, some of us around here love ussomebans. In fact, we touched on this very ban before. I, for one, am tired of all you people eating your trans fats on meThe Eagle Rod's. I've had enough! Is registered yet? every time I go out to eat. I always come home smelling like Crisco, even when I haven't been to