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Meet Our New Energy Partner and Start Saving Money Today

August 18, 2022

Dear RAMW Members,

We know that your bottom line is always top of mind as you also work hard to support your teams and give guests the best experience you can in a competitive market. Did you know that you could be saving money every month on your electric and natural gas?|

RAMW has several key providers who support our industry, and we are excited to introduce you to our new Endorsed Provider, Electric Advisors, Inc. EA is an energy broker who will help you get your natural gas and electricity supply at a competitive rate. Shopping for a competitive energy supplier is a sure fire way to take control of your electricity and natural gas spending. When you shop, you have choices over rate, length of commitment, and the type of electricity you purchase.

From lower electric and gas supply rates to long term fixed contracts, Electric Advisors’ growing pool of suppliers are offering a variety of prices and products that will put you in control. We encourage you to take a few minutes to get in touch and learn more about savings you may be leaving on the table.

Though Electric Advisors may be a newly endorsed provider, the company has been a supportive and involved member of the RAMW community for over a decade. Russell Lacey, EA’s President, is a member of the RAMW Education Foundation Board of Directors helping us bolster culinary education and hospitality management training across our region, secure grants and scholarship funding, and more.

Whether you just need some advice on understanding energy choices, or you are ready to make a change and see the results, Russell and his team are there to help you navigate as partners to the RAMW community. Get in touch today!

To talk directly about opportunities to save on your electric and natural gas, contact:

Russell Lacey
President, Electric Advisors
240-752-6136 Office

Or, you can grab a recent utility invoice and click here to start taking control of your energy costs.

Thank you for learning more about our newest Endorsed Provider.


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