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National Restaurant Association Airs Guide for Combating Coronavirus

February 3, 2020

Published by: Restaurant Business Magazine (online)

The recommendations closely follow the best practices for containing norovirus. 

The National Restaurant Association has issued recommendations for helping restaurant operators protect customers and employees from coronavirus, the potentially lethal infection that has spread from China to the United States.

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Among the best practices cited in the one-page list of recommendations are sending home any employees who sport flu-like symptoms and providing extra tissues and napkins for customers to use for coughs or sneezes. The guidelines also recommend making alcohol-based hand sanitizers available for both guests and staff members and sanitizing any surfaces that could have been contaminated.

The Association stresses that safety protocols intended to avert the spread of norovirus infections be closely followed in the event of what it calls a “bodily fluid event.” Should a patron or employee vomit or suffer a bout of diarrhea on the premises, the area of possible contamination should be isolated and sanitized, with staff members donning personal protection equipment for the cleanup.

Details are available here.

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