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RAMMY Cloak Room

July 25, 2008



{mosimage}Food...Wine...Dancing...Bling...we had it all.  This was, indeed, a night for the party givers to party—and you did yourselves proud.


To those of us who have watched RAMW and the RAMMYS grow, Sunday night was no surprise—we know the incredible talents in our area, we know the solid camaraderie, support and mentoring that are cornerstones of this restaurant community, we know the value of a RAMMY Award, and we sure as hell know how to party.  Now, too, the rest of the world is taking serious notice of what we do and how we do it.  As testimony, a national culinary figure in attendance at the Gala emailed to say that the event was “impressive” (tone of appropriate awe) and made note of our impressive (again) “THRIVING” (caps not  added) restaurant scene.  So, go ahead, puff out your chests  and bask in the glory—OK, that’s long enough, back to work...


As proud as we are of our RAMW membership and all you have done to raise  the dining profile of the Washington area, pride of place  at the Gala went to the 2008 RAMMY winners (see list in full version).  Congratulations to all the nominees.  The competition was stiff across the board and your nomination serves to highlight your incredible accomplishment.  And, of course, there are the winners...

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