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Skylines and Sneakers

October 6, 2008

The Back PageSkylines and sneakers

By: Jennifer Nyzc-Conner 

It was more about the high heels than the sneakers when a group of VIPs headed to the Donovan House rooftop pool deck Sept. 11 for a warm up reception to the Sept. 16 Greater Washington Sports Alliance’s SneakerBall. It may be after Labor Day, but that doesn’t mean the seersucker has returned to storage for another year, at least not for Thomas Cook of Thomas Cook and Associates. The public relations maven for Bethesda restaurant Bice was wearing a blue seersucker jacket, which had drawn a remark from none other than President George Bush when he saw him earlier that day at the Pentagon Sept. 11 memorial dedication. The president looked at the jacket and said, “Seersucker? I haven’t seen that in forever!” “Is that a compliment?” DC Magazine Publisher Peter Abrahams quipped with a grin. More