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Wine doggie bags- The Washington Post

April 16, 2010
Sunday, April 4, 2010

BY: Ask Tom

"Seems it's been over a year since D.C. passed a law allowing unfinished wine to be taken home from a restaurant, provided the restaurant had a special sealable bag," e-mails Ray Olson of Washington. However, he has "yet to find any D.C. restaurant with these special 'take-away' bags. What's up?"

Maybe the establishments Olson has been visiting don't have the proper sleeves, which can be purchased from the California-based, beginning at $18.75 for a pack of 25 (sized for 750-milliliter bottles). Businesses that belong to the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington receive a 15 percent discount on the price of the RAMW-endorsed product, which meets the city's tamper-proofing requirements. The 2008 law requires that a dated receipt for the bottle be attached to the bag. Further, patrons are allowed to take no more than one unfinished bottle out of the restaurant. Read the full Story