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June 8, 2005
Legislation | By John McArdle, Roll Call Staff Hangouts Changed With the Area By the time the House Judiciary Committee formally launched impeachment hearings against then-President Richard Nixon on May 9, 1974, Stuart Long was already fairly certain that the Republican president was a political dead man walking. In those days, Long was the owner of two of Capitol Hill’s most popular watering holes...
May 2, 2002
Hot Topics | Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington Urges D.C. Council Reform of Alcohol Licensing Process in Response to Local Restaurant’s Seven-Year Regulatory Battle WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 15, 2012) – The Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) today called on D.C. Council member Jim Graham to include reform of the District’s alcohol licensing approval process...
December 5, 2001
Hot Topics | Thank you for taking our Maryland Corkage Surevy! If you would like to learn more about corkage and how theissue was played out in Virginia please click here. If you have any question about this or other RAMW issues please contact us at 
March 31, 2001
Hot Topics | For Immediate Release: Contact: Andrew J. Kline 202.686.7600 May 1, 2007 Restaurant Association Survey Reflects Businesses Negatively Affected By Smoking Ban as Hardship Waivers Become Available The Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (“RAMW”) reports that a survey of members reflects that D.C restaurants, bars and nightclubs have been affected by the mandatory smoking...
November 30, 1999
Press Release |  1625 K Street, NW | Suite #210 | Washington, DC 20006 | Tel—202.331.5990 | Fax—202.659.8701 | www.ramw.orgMonday, April 9, 2012FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: Betsy Allman, RAMW Policy Advisor202.331.5990 or Restaurant Association Metropolitan WashingtonBacks Mayor’s Budget Proposal to Extend Alcohol Service Hoursin Testimony Provided D.C. Council...
November 29, 1999
Legislation | RAMW President, Lynne Breaux testifies in support of Extended Alcoholic Beverage Service Hours Pursuant to Mayor’s Budget Proposal uman Services Budget: Alcoholic Beverage Regulation AdministrationDate: March 29, 2012PDF