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where we are in reopening across the region


In DC, as of Friday 6/11 all remaining Covid-restrictions are lifted including restrictions on capacity for nightclubs, large sports and entertainment venues.


In VA, as of Friday 5/28 all remaining Covid-restrictions are lifted including social distancing requirements. Click here for the new Executive Order. The state of emergency in VA will remain in place at least through June 30 to provide flexibility for local government and support ongoing COVID-19 vaccination efforts.


In Maryland, Governor Hogan announced that the State will lift its state of emergency and fully reopen on July 1st. This does not affect restaurants much as restrictions related to our industry were previously lifted, but it means that any remaining Covid-related requirements or restrictions in the state will end. The state’s mask order — which requires face coverings indoors at schools, day care centers, medical settings and on mass transit — will expire the same day. Hogan said businesses can set their own rules on mask wearing for employees and/or guests. Legally, the state of emergency has a 45-day grace period and will not officially expire until August 15. During the grace period, the moratorium on evictions will remain in place. Local governments could use the next several weeks to sort out what their next steps will be and what, if any, restrictions the local jurisdictions may keep in place. Click here for an FAQ from the Governor’s office on ending the state of emergency.