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Request Form

Please complete the following form to request an onsite Food Manager or Alcohol Awareness class at your restaurant. The following are requirements for all onsite classes:
  • 5 or more attendees
  • Private and quiet room/area for the duration of the course and exam.
  • TV screen (or large monitor) that is clearly visible to all participants to view instructional videos.

Required Time Allotments

  • Food Safety Manager course requires an 8 hr block for instruction and exam
  • Alcohol Manager course requires a 5 hr block for instruction and exam

Fees - per person and includes in person instruction and printed exam

  • Food Safety Manager $130 without book/ $180 with 7th Edition book (study guide is provided for attendees)
  • Alcohol Awareness $70
The fee will be due before the date of your scheduled onsite class. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at